WPN Introduces World Series of Jackpots Promo

Posted on by Roy Smith

WPN World Series of JackpotsThe 46th annual World Series of Poker kicks off today in Las Vegas and the Winning Poker Network aims to send Jackpot Poker players to the Main Event.

Jackpot Poker is the hyper-turbo, three-handed SitNGo action made popular by poker rooms such as Winamax and its Expresso Poker, PokerStars’ version known as Spin & Go, and Twister Poker on the iPoker Network. Players in the U.S. have recently been introduced to the game by WPN, who rolled out Jackpot Poker last month.

While the prize pool is selected randomly and can be anywhere from two buy-ins to 2,500 buy-ins at Jackpot Poker, the new World Series of Jackpots promotion is structured a bit differently. The promo will create instant winners who will receive WSOP Main Event packages worth $12,500 for only $3!

Avoid Last Place to Keep Playing

Another change is that the WSOP Jackpots promotion will pay out the top two finishers in the lowest possible prize pool of $6, but will reward all three players in all other randomly selected games that include prize pools of $18, $27 and the big one – $37,500! In other words, there will be only one loser who won’t at least get his or her money back.

Should the Jackpot Poker prize pool land on $18 before the contest starts, each player will get $6, if the prize pool comes up $27, the three contestants will all be awarded $9, and if the prize pool should randomly spin to $37,500, each player at the 3-man table will be going to the 2015 WSOP Main Event with a $12,500 prize!

To state it in another way, if you manage to stay out of last place, you will not lose any money and can keep playing in hopes of landing at the table where the WSOP packages will hit. And you can also win money in the process when the prize pool lands on $18 and/or $27. It’s win-win as long as you come in first or second place for the duration of the promotion!

$3 and $30 Games Available

For the $3 buy-in World Series of Jackpots game, the WSOP Main Event prize package will hit 6 out of every 100,000 hands, the $27 prize will appear 430 times in 100,000, the $18 prize 1,000 times, and players will land on the $6 prize 98,564 times out of 100,000.

For the bigger spenders, there is a $30 buy-in World Series of Jackpots game that is structured almost the same way, with a slight difference in the frequencies in which the various prize pools will be hit. But the WSOP Main Event package will hit 60 out of 100,000 times and players who avoid a third place finish can also keep playing for free!

WPN skins such as Black Chip Poker, Americas Cardroom and Ya Poker are making it easy to go to the WSOP Main Event this year, for as little as $3. You can’t afford not to try your luck, considering every game is free as long as you don’t finish in last place!

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