Two Straight Flushes in Same Hand at $375K Bad Beat Jackpot

Posted on by Roy Smith

Bad BeatThere was a rare occurrence at a Bad Beat Jackpot table at an Iowa poker room when two players both made a straight flush, one hand higher than the other.

It happened at the Diamond Jo Worth Casino in Northwood, triggering a payout of the massive jackpot that had reached $375,000. The player with the lower straight flush, although holding the losing hand and missing out on the pot, actually walked away with a lot more money due to suffering the bad beat.

Here’s what happened: One player held 5-6 of diamonds in the hole while the other had J-10 of the same suit. A flop of 7d-8d-3h found neither player had paired the board, but both had plenty of draw possibilities. When the dealer peeled a 9d on the turn, it connected a straight flush for both players, 5-6-7-8-9 for one and 7-8-9-10-J for the other.

Big BBJ Paydays

While Bad Beat Jackpot payout percentages differ somewhat among live poker rooms and online poker sites, it’s not unheard of that the loser of the hand (and winner of the jackpot) collects about 50% of that jackpot, the winner of the hand takes home around 25%, and the remaining 25% gets distributed to other players at the table (and/or at other BBJ tables) as well as providing seed money toward the next jackpot.

The lower straight flush in this instance and under those payout percentages would collect $187,500, while the Jack-high straight flush wins the pot plus $93,750. That’s big money and is the reason why Bad Beat Jackpot tables are popular in live poker rooms and at online poker sites such as BetOnline Poker.

The BBJ at BetOnline is currently nearing $250,000, with lots of BBJ tables available at a wide variety of stake levels. A big positive at the USA-friendly poker site is that players at all BBJ tables collect money from the jackpot whenever a player hits it.

Lots of Winners

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerFor instance, when one particular BBJ was triggered last year, 87 active BBJ players other than those seated at the table where the bad beat hit each collected $801. Not a fortune by any means, but not a bad chunk of change just for playing at a BBJ table.

The BBJ at BetOnline also had a rare occurrence last year when the same player was the victim of bad beats on two separate occasions, triggering the jackpot payout in both instances, collecting $218,033 in one BBJ and $121,883 in the other. The odds of that happening are incredulous, but it certainly can happen considering that loyal players are often multi-tabling, increasing their odds of being involved in a BBJ.

If you can’t make it to a live poker room like the Diamond Jo Casino in Iowa to take a shot at a Bad Beat Jackpot, your best option is an online poker site that offers the BBJ promotion. BetOnline Poker is among the best choices for players within the US and worldwide, offering a 100% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus for first-time depositors.

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