Tiger Gaming Changes BBJ as Prize Pool Passes $500,000

Posted on by Roy Smith

Tiger Gaming's Bad Beat JackpotTiger Gaming has changed the qualifying criteria for winning its Bad Beat Jackpot. The changes make the Jackpot easier to win and couldn´t come at a better time for online poker players, as the Jackpot prize pool has quickly risen to be worth more than $500,000.

In December 2016, Tiger Gaming launched its Bad Beat Jackpot promotion and seeded the first Jackpot prize pool with $100,000. In order to win the lion´s share of the Jackpot, a player had to have their Quad Jacks beaten by a better hand and fulfil a whole stack of conditions for the hand to be eligible.

During the fifteen months since its launch, the Bad Beat Jackpot has been won only four times – most recently last month when player “Tyrant” rivered Quad Jacks, only to be beaten by “pokerplayer4ever” – who had flopped a straight flush. At the time, the Jackpot prize pool stood at $994,119.

Now, due to being reseeded with 30% of the previous prize pool and the promotion being so popular among players, the Jackpot prize pool has quickly risen to be worth more than $500,000 – prompting Tiger Gaming to ease the minimum Bad Beat qualifying hand to Quad Tens.

How the Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion Works

When you play online poker at Tiger Gaming, you have the choice of playing at “regular” cash game tables, at “Boost” fast-fold cash game tables, or at “Jackpot” cash game tables. The “Jackpot” cash games tables are easy to spot due to the small yellow star to the left of the NL Hold´em cash game lobby and “BAD BEAT JACKPOT” in bold letters where a table name would normally appear.

At the Jackpot tables, an extra $0.10 is deducted from the pot for each $4.00 in the pot, and this is added to the Jackpot prize pool. When a qualifying Bad Beat hand happens, every player seated at a Jackpot table shares in the Jackpot prize pool according to the following breakdown (the figures in brackets indicate how much each player would win if the Jackpot – $513,425 – was won today):

  • The player who suffers the Bad Beat wins 20% of the prize pool ($102,685).
  • The player who had the winning hand receives 12.5% of the prize pool ($64,178).
  • All other players dealt into the Bad Beat hand share 12.5% of the prize pool ($9,168).
  • Every player sitting at a different Jackpot table shares in 12.5% of the prize pool ($535).

Notes: The amount per player dealt into the Bad Beat hand has been calculated for a full ring table. In the event the Jackpot is won on a 6-Max table, the amount per player would be nearly double. The amount for players sitting at a different Jackpot table has been calculated based on the 120 active players that were playing at Bad Beat Jackpot tables last night. The remainder of the prize pool is taken in administration and security costs and to reseed the next Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool.

The Changes to the Tiger Gaming BBJ Qualifying Criteria

The changes to the Tiger Gaming BBJ qualifying criteria simply involve the minimum Bad Beat qualifying hand being reduced to Quad Tens. In the terms and conditions to the promotion the site notes that the minimum Bad Beat qualifying hand is subject to change; so, if the Jackpot is not won over the next couple of weeks, expect the qualifying hand to fall to Quad Nines, Quad Eights, and so on.

There are several other changes to the terms and conditions of the promotion – for example, a player multi-tabling Jackpot tables will now only be eligible for one share of the prize pool when the Jackpot is won. Consequently, even if you have played on the Jackpot tables at Tiger Gaming before, it is worth re-familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions before sitting down to play – just in case.

Fancy Winning Your Share of Half a Million Dollars?

If you are not yet playing at Tiger Gaming – and you fancy winning a share of half a million dollars – be sure to read our Tiger Gaming review. Our review provides all the information you will need for successfully downloading the software, creating your account and qualifying for the first deposit bonus. The review also contains information about other bonuses you may be eligible for.

Undoubtedly the easing of the minimum qualifying Bad Beat Jackpot hand will ensure the Jackpot is won more frequently than four times in fifteen months. Make sure you are in the right place at the right time to win your share by visiting Tiger Gaming today.

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