Starts Today! €25,000 NetBet Poker Twister Promotion

Posted on by Roy Smith

Twister Races at NetBet!NetBet Poker is hosting a two-week “Twister Races” promotion from today, with €25,000 in cash prizes and Twister Poker entry tickets up for grabs.

The popularity of Twister Poker is often attributed to three factors. First, the game starts when just three players have registered, so there are no long waits between games waiting for tables to fill. Second, the rapidly increasing blinds mean that players have to be involved in a high percentage of hands. Third, players have the opportunity to win up to 1,000 times their buy-in.

Now, at NetBet Poker, there is a fourth factor – “Twister Races”. The site will be hosting two Twister Races from Monday August 29 (today) to Sunday September 4, and from Monday September 5 to Sunday September 11. Each race has €12,500 in cash prizes and Twister Poker entry tickets up for grabs for players that fill the top one thousand places in each race.

How Twister Races Work

Twister Races are a mix between standard rake races and MTT leaderboard competitions. Players are awarded points for buying into a Twister game, and the points are doubled if they win the game. NetBet Poker offers Twister Poker with buy-ins of €1.00, €2.00, €5.00, €10.00, €20.00 and €50.00, so there is the opportunity to win up to 100 points in each game – in addition to your prize money!

Although the promotion may appear to favour players with bigger bankrolls, that is not necessarily the case. Twister Poker is popular among players of all bankrolls, but there are more players entering Twister games at the lower buy-in levels than there are at the top end of the scale – meaning shorter waiting times (practically zero at €1.00). Consequently, players at the lower buy-ins are likely to get more games in per hour.

What Can You Win in the Twister Races?

The prizes in NetBet Poker´s Twister Races are well worth playing for. The top prize each week is €1,000 cash, with the next for runner up spots receiving €700, €550, €400 and €250 respectively. Places 6-10 pay a minimum of €100 and €30 in Twister Poker entry tickets, while every player down to 125th place collects some cash. Thereafter every player receives Twister Poker entry tickets with a value of €1.00 to €20.00.

There is no need to “opt-in” to the promotion. Each time a player enters a game of Twister Poker, their points will be automatically added to the leaderboard, and players can monitor their progress on the updated-daily leaderboard on the NetBet Poker website. Prizes will be awarded on the Monday following the end of each week´s leaderboard competition.

More Reasons to Play in NetBet Poker´s Twister Races

In addition to one thousand prizes each week, players entering Twister Poker games at NetBet Poker will also be awarded 22 VIP Points per €1.00 paid in entry fees  towards their standings in the site´s lucrative VIP Rewards Program. Not only can VIP points be converted into cash and tournament entry tickets, but active VIP members also get invited to participate in the SNAPWIN promotion at the end of each month, in which reload bonuses, more tournament tickets and free spins at the NetBet Casino are up for grabs.

If you were recently awarded a reload bonus in the SNAPWIN promotion – or if you are still clearing your first deposit NetBet Poker bonus – the VIP points earned playing in the Twister Races will also contribute towards clearing the bonus. So, that´s €12,500 in cash prizes and Twister Poker entry tickets, extra VIP Points for participating in the promotion, and help with clearing your bonus.

Three more factors why you should be playing at NetBet Poker this week!

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