Six Plus Hold´em Stars in iPoker March Madness Promo

Posted on by Roy Smith

Six Plus HoldemSelected sites on the iPoker Network are running March Madness promotions based around the network´s new high-action poker variant Six Plus Hold´em.

A couple of weeks ago, the iPoker Network launched a new poker variant – Six Plus Hold´em – a high-action version of Texas Hold´em Poker in which the cards valued Deuce to Five are removed from the pack resulting in players being dealt premium starting hands more frequently (you can read more about how the game is played in our February 18th news item).

The players´ responses to Six Plus Hold´em have been very positive and – for the duration of March – selected sites on the network are running special missions and challenges based around the new format. In total, the sites participating in the March Madness promotion will be giving away more than €100,000 in cash prizes and tournament tokens.

How the March Madness Promotion Works

Each day, and each week up until the 27th March, players will be asked to complete in daily and weekly missions, which may be as simple as being dealt a pair of Sixes in a hand of Six Plus Hold´em or as complicated as winning a specific number of Six Plus Hold´em hands within a week. Each of the sites participating in the March Madness Six Plus promotion have their own criteria for the missions.

Players who successfully complete the daily missions will be rewarded with up to eight entries in two €1,000 “All-in Shootout” tournaments that take place each day at 12:30pm GMT and 7:30pm GMT – except for 27th March, when the tournaments will be hosted at 11:30am GMT and 6:30pm GMT (because that is the day the clocks go forward).

The weekly missions are a bit tougher and, for two of the weeks of the promotion, require that players make a minimal deposit to their online poker accounts. Players who complete the missions will rewarded with entries into a weekly €5,000 NL Texas Hold´em freeroll tournament with tournament tokens as prizes and a €6,000 Six Plus Hold´em freeroll tournament paying out cash prizes.

Six Plus Festival Full of Surprises

For the first two weeks of the March Madness Six Plus promotion, sites on the iPoker Network will also be hosting a Six Plus festival. This festival comprises of two free roll tournaments each day with prize pools of €60.00 and two tournaments with buy-ins of €0.60 and a guaranteed prize pool of €600.00. The prizes are paid out in cash and tournament tokens – the top sixty players in each event winning a seat in a €6,666 guaranteed Grand Final on Sunday 13th March.

While the Festival is underway, players will also be rewarded with “surprises” for winning hands at the Six Plus Hold´em cash tables with specific combinations of cards. There are four different prizes up for grabs depending on the winning hand:

  • Winning a hand with a Set of Sixes or Trip Sixes wins a ticket to a €1,000 “All-in Shootout”.
  • Winning a hand with a Heart Flush wins a tournament token to the Six Plus Festival Grand Final.
  • Winning a hand with Quad Sixes wins €30 in cash and six €1.00 entries to Twister Sit & Go games.
  • Winning a hand with a Royal Flush wins €60 in cash and six €1.00 entries to Twister Sit & Go games.

There is no limit to how many prizes an individual player can win. Just keep playing at the Six Plus Hold´em tables to collect as much money and tournament tokens as you can during the Six Plus Festival.

Where to Participate in the Six Plus Promotions

The March Madness promotions can be played at Titan Poker (Titanbet in the UK) and at Everest Poker (who have called it the “Route 66 Challenge”). There is no need to manually opt-in to the promotions at any of the sites, as existing players will be included in the promotions automatically.

If you are playing on an iPoker site not hosting the March Madness promotion, you may want to consider joining one of these sites. Please be aware that each has its different welcome package and ongoing rewards system for new players and you are advised to read our poker site reviews of each site before deciding which may suit your personal preferences.

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