Visa Poker Deposit Guide

Visa Poker SitesVisa is one of the most popular credit cards in the world. Online poker players have a wide array of choices if they want to play real money poker games and deposit with this method. You are not even required to have good credit in order to obtain a card. Many banks use this as the debit card brand of choice. If this is not your debit card then you can purchase a prepaid card. You will have tons of choices for obtaining and use this funding method.

What are the Best Holdem Poker Sites that Accept Visa?

This deposit method is among the most popular methods available for players around the world including players from the US. It is accepted at all reputable sites. This enables you to choose the site that best fits your needs. This can be a little overwhelming with all of the sites available today so we are here to help you with that process.

We have hand-picked the best Visa poker sites available. The sites that you will find listed here have gone through a rigorous vetting process by us. We look at the history of the company’s payouts, the security protocols in place, and make sure that the company is licensed and regulated by a governing body. We also take into consideration the bonus, promotions, and VIP offerings to make sure that they are at or above standard for our players.

Can Hold ‘em Players in the US Deposit with Visa?

This is actually one of the easiest methods to use for players from the United States. Banks in the US do not allow credit or debit cards to be used for online gambling, but online poker rooms can usually find a way to get around this.

US players will find that the transaction to an online poker site will usually be processed as something completely different. Your statement may reflect an online purchase at a department store or a subscription of some sort. You may also be called by your credit card company to make sure that your purchase is legitimate so keep in mind that it probably won’t reflect a deposit to an online poker site.

What if My Visa Deposit was Declined?

You will still have options to use your Visa to deposit at online poker sites even if your card is being declined. You can start by contacting the cashier at the poker site you would like to play at. Staff is available around the clock to assist you with banking needs. They should be able to help you find an easy solution to depositing with your card.

You may be directed to use your card to fund another depositing source such as Western Union. There are some fees involved with these types of transactions, but it is a fairly seamless process. You may also want to purchase a Prepaid Visa Card. These seem to work very well. You will want to make sure that it is a Global Visa Card and that it can be used for online purchases. The cards issued to be used in the United States usually do not work at online poker sites.

What are the Advantages of Depositing with Visa?

The advantages of using Visa to make your deposits definitely outweigh the disadvantages. We have highlighted some of these below:

  • Simple – You can literally be playing a real money poker game in a matter of minutes when you choose this as the method to fund your account. You will just visit the cashier, click on Visa and enter your card details.
  • Popular Funding Option – It is accepted at almost all online poker sites. This gives you the freedom to shop around and find the sites with the best bonus offers and promotions.
  • Security – You will not only have the protection of the encryption software that the sites we promote provide, but you will also have the added security from Visa. You will never have to pay for transactions that you did not make if your card number was to get into the hands of a third party.
  • Instant Fund Availability – When you choose this funding option, your funds will be immediately credited to your account once you complete the deposit process.
  • Free to Use – Most sites do not charge fees for funding using this option.

What are the Disadvantages of Depositing with Visa?

We are huge fans of using this as a deposit method so it was hard for us to think of any disadvantages. We checked around with some other avid poker players to see if they could think of any reasons and this is what they came up with:

  • Transaction Declined by Bank – The UIGEA ruling made it illegal for US banks to transfer money to online gambling sites. If the transaction is flagged as a gambling transaction then the bank will automatically decline the transaction.
  • Confidentiality Concerns – Some players choose not to use any credit cards online because they are concerned that a third party will gain their personal information. This is safeguarded by the best encryption software available at reputable poker sites, but it continues to be a concern for some poker players.
  • Withdrawals Unavailable Back to Card – You will probably have to choose another method to cash out your winnings. Poker players like to be able to deposit and withdraw using the same method, and that it usually not possible for players choosing this method.

Why Should I Deposit at Online Poker Rooms with Visa?

This is a reputable company that puts security at the forefront in their business. Many card holders have opportunities to receive cash back rewards for transactions. The main reason that we choose Visa as one of our top choices for funding poker accounts is the high acceptance rate.

We do not know of any sites that do not currently accept this funding method. This gives you the freedom to choose wisely. It also gives you the freedom to try out multiple sites and cash in on free money by taking advantages of bonus offers.

Visa History

In 1958, Bank of America introduced the first credit card for middle-class consumers in the United States. At this time it was called BankAmericard. Middle-class consumers at that time had several revolving credit lines that were merchant specific. The company wanted to introduce a solution that would enable consumers to make purchases at many different locations with the same card instead of having to carry multiple cards.

The idea was a good idea, but the company didn’t go about it the right way. Instead of sending out applications so that consumers could apply for a card, the company mass mailed cards with preloaded credit lines. The original promoter of the program resigned in 1959 due to the massive 22% delinquent accounts. This venture cost Bank of America over $20 Million, but the company was able to revamp the requirements to obtain a credit card and salvage the adventure.

In 1974, the company launched internationally. BankAmericard did not seem to be a good name for the international market so the company decided to change the name to Visa in 1976. Today, Visa is available worldwide.

It is currently one of the most popular brand names in the world. In the United States over 38% of credit card and over 60% of debit cards are Visa. This is a massive share of the market. The ease of use for online purchases and the advanced fraud protection provided by this company make it very appealing for consumers.