Mastercard Real Money Poker Deposit Guide

Mastercard Poker SitesMastercard continues to be one of the most reliable, quickest and easiest methods for funding online poker accounts. All major poker sites accept this funding option. It has a high acceptance rate for players from the US. The company has a zero tolerance fraud protection that enables consumers to complete online transactions with peace of mind.

What are the Best Real Money Holdem Sites that Accept Mastercard?

The great thing about this deposit method being accepted at practically all online poker sites is that you will have plenty of choices. This gives you the opportunity to see which site is offering you the best deal to play there. Almost all online poker sites have an initial deposit bonus, but you will want to find a site that continues to reward you for you play with VIP Programs. Most of these programs offer cash back bonuses so you will literally be earning money every time you play.

You will also want to play at a reputable site. We have seen so many sites pop up over the past few years that it is hard to figure out which ones are safe. We have completed the research for you. When you sign up at any of the sites that we promote, you can rest assured that it is a trustworthy site. Choose one of our hand-picked sites today, make your first deposit, and begin reaping your rewards. It is that simple.

Can Hold’em Players in the US Deposit with Mastercard?

The UIGEA ruling made it very difficult for players in the US to deposit at any online gambling site, but it did not make it impossible. Online sites have found ways around the ruling. Often times you will find that your deposit is tagged as something else like a purchase from a department store or a subscription to a book club.

We have found that the easiest way for Americans to deposit online using this method is to purchase a prepaid Global Mastercard. They can be purchased at almost any retail store. Just make sure that it is a global card because we have not had success with other prepaid cards.

What are the Advantages of Depositing with Mastercard?

There are so many advantages of depositing with this method that it would take at least a page to list them all. We have highlighted some of the main reasons that this is an excellent funding option below:

  • Effortless – When you choose this method to fund your account you will not have to spend time setting up a funding account. You will simply choose Mastercard as your funding method and enter your card information.
  • Widely Accepted – You will be able to carefully select a site to play at because this funding method is widely accepted at almost all sites.
  • Peace of Mind – We have selected secure sites that use the best encryption software available so that you will not have to worry about a third party gaining access to your personal credit card number.
  • Immediate Deposit – Some deposit methods have a wait time of up to 48 hours. When you deposit with this method, you will have funds instantaneously. This enables you to begin playing right away.
  • No Fees – It is free to deposit at online poker sites using this method.

What are the Disadvantages of Depositing with Mastercard?

We have found Mastercard to be one of the best funding options when it comes to playing real money poker games online, but there are so disadvantages. You can see these below:

  • Transaction Blocked by Bank – Many US banks have safeguards in place to make sure that online gambling transactions cannot be completed using credit cards. Some people have even had their card frozen due to attempting to use it to fund gambling sites. The good news is that you can simply go to the bank and get a new card during business hours, but this is very inconvenient.
  • Hacking Concerns – We have all heard about hackers gaining personal credit card information from huge organizations. These are usually land-based organizations, but you can never be too careful these days. The encryption software used by the sites that we promote is the best available, but if you are still worried then you may want to choose a different funding method so that you do not have to disclose your personal credit card information. Prepaid cards work great so this may be an option for you.
  • Unable to Withdraw Funds Back to Account – You may not be able to withdraw your winning back to your account. You definitely will not be able to if you live in the United States. You can always choose a different cash out method, but some people find this to be a hassle and consider it a disadvantage.

Why Should I Deposit at Online Poker Rooms with Mastercard?

It is an international company that has been around since the mid 1950’s. The company prides itself in helping to build credit, being one of the first online payment portals, and providing the utmost security for its members.

Card holders are never expected to pay for transactions that were not made by them. This enables poker players to deposit freely on online poker sites without the fear of someone gaining access to their card information and making purchases.

The main reason to choose this method to fund your online account is the many choices you will have. Online poker rooms are well aware of the popularity of Mastercard, and this is one of their top deposit options. It is a fast, dependable, secure, and easy method of funding your account.

Mastercard History

It all began in 1966 when a group of bankers from California got together and introduced the Master Charge: Interbank Card. The card was developed to compete with Bank of America which had introduced the BankAmericard. In 1979 the company changed the name to Mastercard.

The company took a huge step forward in the 1980s when it stepped into the China market. It was the first payment card available for the People’s Republic of China. This opened the way for the company to expand into more markets.

They set yet another precedence in the 1990s when it partnered with Europay International and launched Maestro, which was the first global online debit program. Mastercard continues to partner with many international markets. The company has been accused of trying to create monopolies multiple times over the years.

Mastercard went on to develop debit cards that are linked directly to checking accounts that can be used just like a credit card. The most recent advances came in the way of prepaid credit cards that have become popular with people that do not have a credit or debit card and would like to shop online. Prepaid credit cards are also an excellent resource for making deposits at online poker sites.