PokerStars Reports 90% Success Rate Versus Bots and Collusion

Posted on by Roy Smith

PokerStarsAs the world’s largest real money online poker site, game integrity is extremely important to PokerStars. As such, parent company The Stars Group is very vigilant about combating nefarious behavior and reports that its success rate at thwarting collusion and bot use by players is 90%.

That statistic was tossed around by Stars Group representatives at a recent meeting before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that was held due to a new partnership formed between PokerStars and the Mount Airy Resort Casino. The duo has joined forces to provide online poker and gambling offerings to residents of the Keystone State.

Big Numbers

PokerStars’ reps informed regulators that the company employs 65 people who busily monitor and maintain game integrity. As a result, players attempting to use artificially intelligent poker robots – known throughout the industry as “bots,” are detected 88.96% of the time, and cases of collusion in which players conspire together to cheat are identified at an 89.9% success rate.

In addition to reporting favorable percentages with regard to preventing unethical play, The Stars Group also did the math in other areas, giving regulators an idea of just how experienced they are at online poker over nearly two decades of action.

PokerStars commands a 70% share of the market, is licensed in 19 jurisdictions, and employs 4,200 people at a handful of locations throughout the world. The site pays out over $200 million in MTTs every week, deals two million poker hands every hour, and has dealt more than 172 billion hands since launching back in 2001.

$650,000 in Freerolls as Goodwill Gesture

All those numbers and statistics are mighty impressive, as is the fact that PokerStars has announced the giveaway of more than $650,000 in prizes via freerolls due to the recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that plagued the poker site for a few days. The attacks forced the disruption and cancellation of a number of key tournaments, angering players who had been successfully navigating tourney fields up to that point.

DDoS attacks are accomplished by overwhelming the server with traffic, rendering the site inoperable, for the most part. PokerStars isn’t the only victim to fall prey to such attacks, as both Party Poker and Americas Cardroom suffered outages as well, roughly around the same period as PokerStars.

Three Tickets for Affected Players

PokerStars’ players in major markets who were competing in real money games from August 12 thru August 14 are eligible to play in the special freerolls. Every player is expected to receive three freeroll tickets in order to take a few shots at winning $650,000 in prizes. Winnings won’t be distributed in cash but will be doled out as tournament tickets.

The freerolls are scheduled for August 22-26, with $100,000 in prizes each day at PokerStars.com. European players will play for €20,000 in freerolls each of the five days, while freerolls in PokerStars’ Italian market will offer prize pools of €10,000 in tournament tickets.

The DDoS attacks have been resolved and affected PokerStars’ players have been compensated or received refunds. It’s business as usual at the world’s top real money poker site.

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