PokerStars Announces New $1 Million Spin & Go

Posted on by Roy Smith

$1 Million Spin & Go at PokerStarsIt looks like there will be new Spin & Go millionaires made this summer at PokerStars. Might one of them be you?

Online poker’s most popular site announced that a new Spin & Go promotion is up and running that will make millionaires out of players at the $5 tables. The offer is good through June and July, so it is very likely that more than one PokerStars player will become a millionaire before fall arrives.

To date, 14 players have won a million dollars playing Spin & Go at PokerStars. Nine have done it at the $5 tables and five more bought in for $100.

An added perk to the promo is that the million dollar Spin & Gos are not winner-take-all. The other two players seated at the table when the spin lands on $1,200,000 will both walk away with $100,000 after a winner emerges. It’s not a million, but hey, it’s not chump change either!

Spin & Go Specifics

For players unfamiliar with Spin & Go, the games are hyper-turbo Sit & Gos that begin once three players pay the entry fee and are seated. Buy-ins run the gamut from $0.25 to $100, but the new promotion is specifically for the $5 tables at this time.

Once seated, the three players watch hopefully as the spinner at the table’s center lands on a random prize pool. That jackpot prize will be anywhere from two times to 12,000 times of a single buy-in.

After the prize is determined, each player starts with 500 chips and Sit & Go action commences under the hyper-turbo format that sees the blinds escalate quickly. Each contest is over in a matter of minutes, making it a perfect game for players who love poker but may be short on time (or patience).

What are the Chances?

If you’re curious as to how many times the prize pool might hit $1,200,000 and result in creating a millionaire, as well as two winners of $100,000, it will happen once out of every 10 million Spin & Go tournaments. That may sound like a lot, but if you follow online poker at all, you know that tons of games are running at PokerStars round-the-clock.

Those games include Spin & Gos, regular Sit & Gos, multi-table tournaments, and all kinds of cash games at practically every stake level imagineable.

PokerStars was not the originator of jackpot-style Sit & Gos, but has taken the game to new heights with its Spin & Go offerings. The prizes of over $1,000,000 have received lots of publicity, attracting thousands of players to the game format and revolutionizing online poker in the process.

This latest promo will likely draw even more new players to the Spin & Go tables, enhancing an already solid player base of regular customers. And at least one or two of them will become millionaires this summer, and maybe more!

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