Play Game of Poker Thrones for $100K on Full Flush

Posted on by Roy Smith

Game of Poker Thrones for $100K on Full FlushFull Flush Poker has launched an exciting promotion themed around the popular TV Series “Game of Thrones” which culminates in a $100K guaranteed tournament.

Full Flush Poker is the flagship online poker site on the Equity Poker Network – a network which has seen a 100% increase in cash game players over the past six months. The growth in the site´s player database has been primarily due to the valuable Full Flush Poker bonuses and the sites appeal to recreational players. However, due to frequent overlays in the network´s guaranteed poker tournaments, Full Flush Poker has refrained from offering massive promotions for its poker tournaments – until now!

Two big poker tournaments have just been announced, plus an enhanced bonus for new players and a reload bonus for existing players. The two Full Flush Poker bonuses also offer instant cashback subject to certain conditions, and details of these are provided at the end of this article.

Play Game of Poker Thrones for $100K

The most exciting new for Full Flush Poker players is the launch of the “Game of Poker Thrones” promotion, which culminates with a $100K guaranteed tournament in January. The reason for the tournament being announced four months before it is scheduled to be played is to allow players the time to qualify through one of four “Game of Thrones” themed satellite paths.

The four satellite paths are called Stark, Targaryen, Lannister and Baratheon – named after four of the noble houses in the TV series – and players can join these paths at various stages (with buy-ins ranging from $1.10 to $99.00) and compete in tournaments also named after events that have taken place in Game of Thrones (“Battle of Yunkai”, “Purple Wedding”, “Sack of Meereen” etc).

The target is to use any of the satellite paths (or a mixture of them, as they frequently intertwine) to qualify for the feature “Game of Poker Thrones” poker tournament that will be played on Sunday 4 January. The qualifying satellite paths go live on next Monday 8 September.

$50K Guaranteed Monster This Sunday

Players who cannot wait until January to do battle for a significant cash prize should check out the $50K guaranteed “Monster” that takes place this coming Sunday 7 September at 5:00pm (ET). The “Monster” replaces the weekly “Big Fat $15K” for this weekend only and has a buy-in of just $38.50.

Unlimited re-buys are available for the first hour of play (players start with 3,000 chips and a generous blind structure) and there will be an add-on available at the end of the re-buy period. There is NO LATE REGISTRATION for this event (and consequently there could be a significant overlay!), and value-added satellites are now running on Full Flush Poker.

Existing players can take advantage of a Full Flush Poker bonus throughout September which includes:

  • A 50% poker deposit on reload deposits of up to $750.00
  • 20% cashback (up to $200) on reload deposits over $50.00
  • An extra 10% VIP cashback (up to $150.00) on deposits over $1,000
  • A further 10% cashback (up to $150) on all deposits over $200.00 made by using one of the site´s preferred payment partners

In addition to the above, existing players will also receive an entry into the $1,000 Reload Freeroll – a tournament in which players can use the POP Points collected in clearing their Full Flush Poker bonus for re-buys and add-ons.

For further information about these exciting September promotions, visit Full Flush Poker today by clicking below.

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