Party Poker’s Free “MyGame” Fixes Player Leaks

Posted on by Roy Smith

MyGame by Party PokerBecoming a better poker player just became easier at Party Poker with the site’s new “MyGame” feature that’s designed to help players improve their game.

Acting as an interactive coach, MyGame monitors the key aspects of your poker play and issues a report card that allows you to see areas of weakness or “leaks.” Conversely, whatever you may be doing right on the Party Poker tables will be revealed, permitting you to focus and improve on the areas that need the most attention.

In other words, you’ll be able to take your game to the next level by using the MyGame report to your advantage. The best news is that MyGame is 100% free, provided as a courtesy to Party Poker players.

MyGame Tournament Play Coming Soon

At the moment, MyGame is functioning in Beta mode and only in the language of English. Also, the new poker improvement tool can be put to use only on No Limit Hold’em cash game tables. Additional language options and MTT availability is expected to be added shortly.

MyGame assesses each player’s skill level by looking at five particular categories:

  • Key Statistics
  • Stealing and Defending Blinds
  • 3-Betting and 4-Betting
  • Aggression Post-Flop
  • Showdown Play

An aggregate skill level score based on those five areas is tabulated and ready for your perusal the day after a playing session. MyGame puts together its assessment by using Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy, a strategy currently favored by a large majority of professional poker players.

What’s Your Skill Level?

Each player’s score will place them in various skill levels according to the following chart. MyGame requires 100 hands of play before a player can be put into a category. Players who don’t reach 100 hands of play will remain unranked.

Score Skill Level
0 to 40% Rookie
40.01-50% Social
50.01-60% Intermediate
60.01-70% Solid
70.01-80% Advanced
80.01-90% Pro
90.01%+ Elite Pro

Party Poker players will also be categorized according to how much action they see on the felt. Each category will be demonstrated by displaying a certain number of stars on players’ skill level logos that corresponds to playing experience.

More Play, More Stars

In a nutshell, the more hands played, the more stars players have. MyGame begins tracking player skill levels at 100 hands, however, its analysis and assessments are more precise over a larger sample size.

Here is a chart showing the number of stars players will see on their skill level logos and the corresponding hands required for each.

Hands Played Experience Stars
100-249 0
250-999 1 Star
1,000-4,999 2 Stars
5,000-9,999 3 Stars
10,000-24,999 4 Stars
25,000+ 5 Stars

Players would be wise to make use of their report cards. Grades below an “A” will be accompanied by tips on ways to improve the particular aspects of your game that may be lacking.

In certain cases, players will be offered chances to complete a mission in order to work on any weaknesses detected. Completing such missions is bound to improve your poker skills by learning and correcting any leaks in your game that may be taking a bite out of potential profits.

Professional poker players are constantly working on ways to improve their game. The new MyGame feature at Party Poker is a step in the right direction toward closing the gap between recreational players and pros.