Party Poker´s $1Million PPL$$$ Leaderboard Competition

Posted on by Roy Smith

Party Poker Live $1 Million LeaderboardParty Poker is running a year-long leaderboard competition in which you could win up to $100,000 in the site´s new live poker currency – PPL$$$. The currency can be used to enter any Party Poker LIVE event, to play in selected online satellites, or to pay your travelling expenses when you attend a LIVE event.

Party Poker LIVE is rapidly becoming one of the biggest tours on the live poker circuit. Having just wrapped up Season 1 with the $10 million guaranteed Barcelona MILLIONS Main Event, the tour has an ambitious Season 2 ahead of it – with five events carrying guaranteed prize pools of $10 million or more including the $25 million guaranteed Caribbean Poker Party.

To support its live tour, Party Poker has launched a new live poker currency – PPL$$$ (Party Poker LIVE dollars). The currency can be used to enter any LIVE main or side event at any Party Poker-sponsored Country Championship, Grand Prix or WSOP event, as well as the live and online MILLIONS events. It can also be used to enter selected online satellites and to pay for travelling expenses.

How to Win Party Poker Live Dollars

Similar to its live event qualifiers, Party Poker is running a four-stage “satellite” program in which the top ten players in each “Final” win $5,000 worth of PPL$$$. The program can be bought into at any stage and, from the quarter-final stage onwards, successful players carry forward their chip stacks into the next stage. The full program look like this:

  • Stage 1/“Centroll” Stage. Players buy in for $0.10 and receive 2,000 chips. Play continues until just twenty-five players remain, who each win a seat in a Stage 2 Quarter-Final.
  • Stage 2/Quarter-Finals. The Quarter-Finals can be bought into for $5.50. Each player starts with 5,000 chips, and those that survive the twenty-five 4-minute levels carry their chip stacks forward to the Semi-Final stage.
  • Stage 3/Semi-Finals. Players who do not want to play the Quarter-Final stage can buy-in directly for $55.00 and receive 50,000 chips. Play continues for twenty-five 6-minute levels, and those that survive carry their chip stacks forward into the Final.
  • Stage 4/Final. Finals are held three times every week and can be bought into directly for $530.00. The 500,000 chip starting stack may not be enough to match players carrying chip stacks through from the Semi-Final stage, but each Final pays ten prizes of $5,000 in PPL$$$ so you won´t be without a chance if you start the final with a lower-than average chip stack.

In theory, you could start your Party Poker LIVE experience by entering a $0.10 buy-in Centroll and winning $5,000 of LIVE event buy-ins that could then take you to even higher rewards. You don´t have to use your PPL$$$ in one go, and you could save them up to enter one of the tour´s more valuable events as well as pay for first class air travel to attend the event.

The Million Dollar Incentive to Take Part

To support the launch of its new currency and attract players to the four-stage “satellite” program, Party Poker is running a year-long leaderboard competition in which the top one hundred players will win a share of one million PPL$$$. The competition starts on Monday 16th April and will run until the conclusion of the Barcelona MILLIONS event next year.

Points for the leaderboard competition will awarded according to players´ finishing positions in the PPL$$$ Finals, and the prizes will range from $1,000 (in PPL$$$) for one hundredth place to $100,000 (in PPL$$$) for topping the leaderboard next April. Speaking about the launch of the new currency, Party Poker´s spokesperson John Duthie said:

We´ve spent a lot of time this year listening to players and one of the most common criticisms about the online to LIVE satellite route has always been getting locked into specific events when circumstances may change. Enter PPL$$$. These can be used to buy into any Party Poker LIVE event worldwide and also to pay for travel and accommodation. You just have to spend them within twelve months.

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