Party Poker Launches New BIG Bounty Hunters MTT Schedule

Posted on by Roy Smith

Bounty HunterAlways looking for ways to improve their online offerings as well as to give players what they want, Party Poker rolled out a new MTT schedule on Monday that includes a half dozen daily Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments that the poker room calls BIG Bounty Hunters events.

PKO tournaments are an exciting brand of multi-table poker action that prompts players to adapt a strategy with an eye toward sending their opponents to the rail in addition to aiming for the prize money reserved for the top finishers. Eliminating or knocking out tablemates results in collecting that player’s bounty, while also increasing the bounty on your own head, hence the name BIG Bounty Hunters.

Party Poker Takes Less Rake on PKOs

Here’s how the PKO BIG Bounty Hunters events are structured at Party Poker: Each player who pays a buy-in of $109 (for example), sees $50 of that money put into the prize pool, $54 placed on their head as a bounty, and $5 goes to Party Poker as their rake or fee for hosting the tournament.

Normally, the rake for MTT tournaments tends to be around 10% throughout the industry. But as is evident, Party Poker is taking only a 5% cut. That’s because the poker site is NOT charging a fee on the bounty portion of the buy-in.

That results in a savings for players as opposed to the rake most other poker rooms put in place for PKO and Bounty tournaments. At Party, that extra $4 will land in the pockets of players, creating more value.

Run Deep For Escalating Bounties

BIG Bounty or PKO tournaments differ from regular Bounty tournaments in that the bounty a player collects for knocking out an opponent is half of the bounty on his or her head. The other half goes atop the head of the player doing the knocking out.

For instance, of the $54 bounty on each player’s head in our example of a $109 buy-in event, I would collect $27 for eliminating a player and sending them to the rail. The other $27 would go on my head, increasing my bounty to $81.

As the event gets to the later stages with more and more players knocked out, the bounties on the heads of the remaining players become more lucrative. Running deep and making it to the final table will not only get you the most money available in the prize pool, it will also likely boost your bankroll as you typically must knock other players out and collect their bounties in order to make it that far in the tournament.

The eventual winner of the event is in for a huge payday as he or she will grab the bounty of the runner-up finisher, and will also lay claim to their own bounty. It’s not at all unheard of for the champion of the tournament to collect more money in total bounty earnings than the first place prize money.

PKO Events For All Bankroll Sizes

The six new daily BIG Bounty Hunters tournaments that began on Monday Sept. 24 at Party Poker offer a wide range of buy-ins from $0.22 on up to $530. Yes, that’s a 22-cent entry fee designed for micro-stakes players that features a guarantee prize pool of $500 – and $1,000 on Sundays.

For the $530 buy-in, players will be vying for guarantees of $50K, $100K or $200K depending on the day of the week. And remember that’s the prize money, which is completely separate from the bounty money.

My personal favorite is the more affordable $33 entry fee BIG Bounty Hunters event that guarantees $50,000 in prize money every day of the week.

Keep in mind that in addition to the new BIG Bounty Hunters schedule, Party Poker hosts plenty of Bounty tournaments every day that are not progressive, but tons of fun as well. Feel free to use those tournaments as a sort of training ground for the BIG Bounty Hunters events where the player bounties can become astronomical toward the end of the contest.

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