Party Poker Launch Table Starter Cashback with Double Points

Posted on by Roy Smith

Party Poker's Table Starter CashbackA new promotion at Party Poker called Table Starter Cashback allows cash game players who start new tables to earn twice as many cashback points.

The promo began on July 1 and is scheduled to run thru Saturday, July 27. It’s designed to reward players who are instrumental in getting games going and keeping those games afloat.

The first two players who begin playing at a new cash game table at any and all stakes will receive double cashback points. The third player who joins the table will also obtain twice as many points. Once a fourth player sits down, cashback earnings will revert back to normal.

Should the same table once again fall to three or even two players, those players would once again be rewarded with 2x cashback points. It matters not whether the remaining players were the original table starters. In other words, any cash game table with two or three players will pay out double the cashback points to those players.

Opt-in to Earn

There is one caveat regarding eligibility. Players must first opt into the Table Starter Cashback promo. Doing so is easy enough: simply click the menu beneath your avatar, then click “offers”, click again on “promotions”, locate Table Starter Cashback and opt-in.

The promo is not applicable for heads-up tables. It’s also not in play for Party Poker’s fast fold action called Fast Forward.

There are no limits on the amount of extra cashback points that any one player can earn during the length of the value-packed Table Starter Cashback promo that concludes on July 27. Party Poker officials will evaluate the results of the promotion after it ends and determine whether to offer 2x cashback points on a more permanent basis.

Party Poker partner Rob Yong announced the promo via a short video posted on his Twitter account. Take a look at the video below:


Table Starter Cashback players are advised that the extra points earned thru the promo will be credited to player accounts on a daily basis. The result is a likely sizeable increase in cashback points, which equals more money.

Party Poker already offers one of the most generous player loyalty programs throughout the online poker industry. Once players have opted in thru the Rewards section, cashback arrives in player accounts every Monday based on points earned during the week.

Earning just 25 points weekly is good enough for 20% cashback. Hitting a new threshold of 150 points jacks up the cashback percentage to 25%. Players who earn at least 1,200 weekly points receive a whopping 40% cashback.

Take a look below to see the cashback percentage payouts:

Weekly Points Earned Cashback Percentage
25 to 100 20%</td
150 to 500 25%</td
600 to 1,000 30%</td
1,200 to 2,000 40%</td

Diamond Club

Cashback is even higher for players who achieve Diamond Club status and rake $100,000 during a calendar year. It jumps to 50% and offers additional perks such as round-the-clock support and VIP service at live MILLIONS events.

A new tier was added to the Party Poker VIP program earlier this year called Diamond Club Elite. It requires $200,000 in rake in a calendar year and is worth 60% cashback and free entries to both the Caribbean Poker Party and the $10,300 buy-in MILLIONS Online.

Only one player is in the club so far. “Sp0ubledy” is a multi-tabling SPINS player who incredibly hit the $200K milestone in less than two months!

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