Party Poker Introduces Progressive Knockout Tournaments

Posted on by Roy Smith

Progressive Knockout Tournaments at Party PokerParty Poker has added progressive knockout tournaments to its portfolio of games and scheduled twenty-one events each week with a variety of buy-ins.

Progressive knockout tournaments are multitable freezeout tournaments in which each player has a bounty on their head. However – unlike standard knockout tournaments – when you knock a player out, rather than take the whole bounty on their head, you only receive half the bounty amount. The other half is added to the bounty on your own head.

The concept of progressive knockouts is exciting as, when you get to the later stages of a tournament, you could win more for knocking out a player who has been prolific throughout the rest of the tournament than you might receive for winning the first prize. It also gives players who don´t get “into the money” a chance to finish the tournament with more than their buy-in.

How Progressive Knockout Tournaments Work

When you buy into a progressive knockout tournament, the buy-in is typically divided equally between the prize money and the bounty on each player´s head. So, in a progressive KO with a $10.00 buy-in, $5.00 would go towards the prize pool and each player would start the tournament with a $5.00 bounty on their head.

When you knock out a player, half of the bounty (in this case $2.50) would be added to your account balance, and your own bounty would increase to $7.50. As the tournament continues, the size of the bounties continue to increase. Your next victim could have a bounty of $10.00 on their head. In which case you would have $5.00 added to your account balance and your own bounty would increase to $12.50. Remember, there is also the money in the prize pool to play for.

Twenty-One KOs Each Week Guaranteeing $101,000

Progressive knockout tournaments are not a new feature of the online poker landscape – they have been available on some other sites for a number of years. However, they have been sadly lacking in Party Poker´s otherwise impressive portfolio of games. Now, due to popular demand, the site has added progressive KOs to its schedule and supported the launch of the games with some healthy guarantees.

Party Poker will host three progressive “PowerFest” knockout tournaments each evening of the week with enhanced guarantees on Sundays. These have buy-ins of $5.50 (starting bounty $2.50), $22.00 (starting bounty $10.00) and $109.00 (starting bounty $50.00), with the following guaranteed prize pools in addition to the amount you can win by eliminating other players:

Time (GMT) Buy-In Name Guarantee Mon-Sat Guarantee Sunday
8:00pm $ 5.50 Featherweight KO $1,000 $2,000
8:00pm $ 22.00 Middleweight KO $2,500 $3,000
8:00pm $ 109.00 Heavyweight KO $10,000 $15,000

A Welcome Addition to the Party Poker Portfolio

The new tournaments are a welcome addition to the Party Poker portfolio of PowerFest events – a series of more than 450 boxing-themed tournaments that pay out in excess of $2.5 million each week. The range of buy-ins and a comprehensive satellite steps structure gives every player an opportunity to share in some valuable prizes – even if they do not finish among the top spots on the payout table.

In you would like to experience the thrill of progressive knockout tournaments at Party Poker, head over to the site today and make your first deposit using the Party Poker bonus codeTHPOBONUS” to be eligible for a 100% first deposit bonus up to $500. This is an exclusive Party Poker bonus, not directly available from the site.

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