Party Poker Crowns First Diamond Club Elite Player

Posted on by Roy Smith

Party Poker 60% Rakeback: Diamond Club Elite:After 58 days of grinding SPINS games at Party Poker, “sp0ubledy” became the first member of the new Diamond Club Elite tier of the poker room’s VIP program.

Reaching that level in such a short span of time is an amazing feat as it required hitting a mark of paying $200,000 in rake to Party Poker. Sp0ubledy, who hails from Russia, achieved the milestone by multi-tabling 12 tables of SPINS anywhere from 10 to 16 hours every single day.

That’s a lot of poker, and a lot of dedication. The Russian had his eye on the prize ever since Party Poker announced on January 31 that the new tier that pays a massive 60% cashback would be in play starting February 1.

Mega Benefits

Sp0ubledy got right to work, determined to be first and grab the promotional benefits that Party Poker promised to award to the winner of the Diamond Club Elite race. Those perks are a free entry to the $10,300 MILLIONS Online tournament and a VIP package worth $16,000 to the Caribbean Poker Party. Both of those events will be held later this year.

That’s not all that sp0ubledy won, as he also received $10,000 in cash upon reaching the $100,000 in rake milestone and $20,000 more once he hit the $200,000 rake mark. To top it off, Party Poker will be paying sp0ubledy 100% cashback thru January 31st, 2020.

After accomplishing the difficult task on March 29, sp0ubledy stated:

Being the first Diamond Club Elite member feels like a gift of fate. I just appeared at the right time, in the right place and with suitable skills. This program gave me a chance to discover my potential and I found some fantastic results.

Sp0ubledy had some competition on the SPINS tables, as he wasn’t the only player aiming to be first in the DCE club by multi-tabling the three-handed, hyper-turbo, Sit & Go jackpot games at Party Poker. On his heels were “SunnyBooy” and “arianaGrande7”, who both made a race of it, but were eventually left in the dust by the Russian.

First DCE Cash Game Player Yet to Emerge

Still up for grabs are the same perks that sp0ubledy received for the first player to hit $200,000 in rake on the cash game tables at Party Poker. It’s a much more difficult quest, as rake doesn’t accumulate as quickly on ring game tables as it does in SPINS games that are over in a matter of minutes.

When last we checked about a week ago, “I_AGAINST_ALL” had a comfortable lead to be the first cash game Diamond Club Elite member. He was zeroing in on the $100,000 rake milestone and had doubled up the rake total of his nearest competitor.

Heads-Up Pro

But for right now, the spotlight remains on sp0ubledy, who has developed a knack for excelling in heads-up battles. That skill set certainly comes in handy at SPINS action after one player is eliminated and only two are left to battle for the winner-takes-all prize pool.

Sp0ubledy stated that he will most definitely continue being a mainstay at Party Poker SPINS tables, but will soften his workload in order to take some “time to study and improve at poker.”

Congratulations on a job well done, sp0ubledy!