New POP Race about to start at Full Flush Poker

Posted on by Roy Smith

Full FLush POP Rake RaceFull Flush Poker´s POP Race promotion gives players at all bankroll levels the opportunity to win a cash prize while clearing a reload or new player bonus.

Full Flush´s POP Race promotion is a bi-monthly event that is divided into five different tiers – each having its own leaderboard competition. Players earn POP Points for contributing to the rake deducted from cash game pots, or for paying a fee to enter a Sit & Go game or Multitable Tournament, and these points accumulate on the leaderboards over the promotion period, with the five top players in each tier being awarded a cash prize.

A new POP Race starts on Sunday 16th August and runs until the end of the month. There is $5,000 up for grabs in cash prizes and, unlike most other rake races, players at all bankroll levels have the opportunity to win a cash prize. At the same time, players participating in Full Flush´s POP Race can also use the POP Points they collect to clear the August 100% reload bonus up to $1,500.

More Info about the POP Race Tiers and Prizes

The five POP Race leaderboard competitions have four different stake levels, with one competition exclusively reserved for players who prefer playing in Sit & Go games and Multitable Tournaments. The stake levels are as follow:

  • Platinum – Stake levels of $1.50/$3.00 and upwards
  • Gold – Stake levels of $0.50/$1.00 and $1.00/$2.00
  • Silver – Stake levels of $0.10/$0.25 and $0.25/$0.50
  • Bronze – Stake levels of $0.05/$0.10 and below
  • MTT/SNG – All Sit & Go games and Multitable Tournaments with an entry fee of $1.00 or more

The prizes are pretty decent considering that the winner of each POP Race can pick up a prize equivalent to 30% rakeback and that the points collected in pursuit of the top prize also count towards clearing first deposit and reload bonuses, and can be exchanged for cash or tournament entries once the promotion is over:

1st Prize$600$500$450$150$150
2nd Prize$400$300$250$100$125
3rd Prize$300$250$200$75$100
4th Prize$200$150$150$50$75
5th Prize$150$100$100$25$50

Winning a Prize in the Full Flush Poker POP Race

So, how many POP Points do you need in order to win a prize in the Full Flush Poker POP Race? We have had a look at previous race results and suggest the following:

Platinum Tier: The Platinum Tier is a pretty tough one to crack because of the volume of players at Full Flush Poker who play PL Omaha (which generally tends to have bigger pots and so more points are awarded). You are likely to need a minimum of 10,000 POPs to win a prize in this leaderboard competition and more than 20,000 POPs to win the $600 first prize.

Gold Tier: If you prefer playing Texas Hold´em Poker online, the Gold Tier possibly provides the best opportunity to pick up a valuable prize. We recommend that you maintain a pace to collect 15,000 POPs in order to cash in this tier, or a pace of 25,000 POPs if your intention is to win the $500 first prize.

Silver Tier: The Silver Tier is comparatively a tough one to cash in if your bankroll limits you to playing at stakes below $0.50/$1.00. We suggest that you are going to need more than 7,500 POPs by the end of August to cash in this leaderboard competition and around 15,000 POPs to win the $450 first prize.

Bronze Tier: Earning a huge number of POPs at micro-stakes level is a pretty tough ask, but you will probably find that 1,500 POPs is enough to get among the prize money, while a few dedicated players will be aiming for around 2,500 POPs to win the $150 first prize in the Bronze Tier.

MTT/SNG Tier: Winning the MTT/SNG Tier is also a pretty tough ask unless you play a lot of Sit & Go games at the highest buy-in levels or enter the most valuable tournaments at Full Flush Poker. You are going to need at least 3,500 POPs to cash in this tier, and at least 6,000 POPs to win the $150 first prize.

Full Flush Poker updates the five leaderboard competitions on a daily basis, so you will be able to see your position on the leaderboard at any time and find out what is required to make sure that you make your participation in the promotion worthwhile.

Clearing the August Reload Bonus at the Same Time

If you have not yet taken advantage of the August reload bonus of 100% on all deposits up to $1,500, you can make giant inroads into the clearing requirements while participating in Full Flush´s POP Race. The Full Flush Poker reload bonus is cleared at the rate of $1.00 per 20 POP Points, so players on target to clear the maximum bonus should collect 16,000 POPs during the promotion period of Sunday 16th August to Monday 31st August – enough to achieve a high position in any of the leaderboard competitions.

New players can take advantage of an even more valuable 150% first deposit bonus up to $1,500 while participating in the Full Flush POP Race. All you need to do to take advantage of this welcome bonus and the other new player benefits is to use the Full Flush Poker bonus code “not needed” when requested in the account creation process.

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