Make More Money at Poker by Multi Tabling

Poker Multi TablingAre you a winning poker player but not making as much as you want to be making or should be making? If so you aren’t alone and almost poker player is looking for the answer to this question. There are many ways to increase your poker winnings, but many of them include lots of hours spent studying and getting better at the game.

While an advocate for always looking to improve your poker game, sometimes, we just need a little tweak in our game that will show us an immediate benefit with little effort. After all, instant gratification is one of the most rewarding and motivating creatures to humans.

The truth is, most things in life don’t come easy and this is especially true in poker. The game is tough these days and it takes time and patience to start making more money. But, there are a few little things you can do that will instantly show you an increased profit and best of all, they take very little work to implement into your game.

If you’re wondering what could you possibly do to make more money at poker with little effort, you’re about to find the answer. It’s quite simple really and now that I’ve teased you and got your full attention, ill share it with you.

It’s called multi-tabling. Now I know this isn’t a ground breaking or even secretive formula that only I know. Most players who make good money at poker do this and it’s quite honestly a well-known fact and quite standard. But, what isn’t so standard is how people approach it and do it effectively.

Making a decision in poker can be a complicated process at one table, let alone 10 or 20. But if you could make those decisions become much easier, you could efficiently make more decisions at more tables and make more profit.

When most players start out, they play or 2 tables at a time and continue this trend for most of their poker career. They may get to the point where they are making a decent ROI at these 1 or 2 tables, but wouldn’t it be nice to double that profit or even triple it and realistically make it much more?

Imagine if you were making $100 a day playing 2 tables on average. If you could add in just 1 table to your sessions, you would be making an extra $50 a day. If you played 5 days a week, that’s an extra $250 a week and an extra $1,000 a month, just by adding in one more table!

By laying out that example, you can truly see how this is an easy way to start making more money playing multiple tables.

At this point you may be saying to yourself- I have a hard time playing table, how the hell am I going to play 2?

This is a valid question and one that deserves further examination.

When I first started playing poker online, I would only play 1 maybe 2 tables at a time, but when I played more than 1, I was usually losing money and making bad decisions. I never really cared back then and was only looking to fulfill my ADD needs and get would add in tables as I got bored. This is probably how many of you approach multi tabling as well. If your only out to have a little fun and don’t care about how much you win, then this isn’t for you and should be reading Cracked magazine and stop wasting your time.

For those who are serious about making more money and want to look for easy and effective ways to do so, I’ll tell you exactly how to do so in the follow up to this article.

In the next article, I will tell you exactly how to start adding in more tables into your sessions and how to do it efficiently and profitably. I will lay out the tools that are found right on the poker rooms site that are there for the specific purpose of making multi tabling much easier. Many players don’t know about these and fail to utilize them.

The best part of this is that I did it! I’m one of the most scatter brained poker players you will come across. I have the attention span of that dog who yelled “SQUIRELL” in the movie “UP”. In case you haven’t seen that movie, the dog had no attention span and I recommend watching it as well.

My point is, if I can play 10 or more tables at a time, you can too. You don’t even need to be playing 10 tables, only adding 1 table can dramatically increase your profits as I showed you above.

So sit tight and wait for the follow up to this and consider your one and only guide to how to multi-table in poker.

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