iPoker Summer Promotions Target Recreational Players

Posted on by Roy Smith

Summer Games on the iPoker NetworkPlayers on poker sites affiliated to the iPoker Network are being offered a “Summer of Fun” with two new promotions targeted at recreational players.

Two new promotions have been launched on poker sites affiliated to the iPoker Network, promising players a “Summer of Fun” and the opportunity to boost their bankrolls or win tournament entry tickets. Both promotions will suit recreational players with the time to just play a few hours on a couple of nights per week; although that does not mean that the promotions are not worth taking part in. Between them there is more than €100,000 in prizes to be won.

Summer of Fun Part 1 – The Summer Games

Like many promotions on Everest Poker, Ladbrokes Poker, Netbet Poker and Titan Poker, the “Summer Games” is mission-based. Players are required to complete missions in order to win seats in a daily All-In Shootout with a €1,000 prize pool. Players who qualify for three daily Shootouts within a week – or who deposit a minimum of €10.00 into their accounts – also win seats in a weekly All-In Shootout with a €3,000 prize pool.

An influencing factor on how much effort players put into winning Shootout seats is whether the prizes are distributed as cash or as tournament entry tokens. The iPoker Network has resolved this potential issue by alternating the distribution of prizes. For example:

  • All the daily All-In Shootout events this week – and Sunday´s €3,000 weekly Shootout – will have cash prizes.
  • Prizes in the daily Shootout events next week – and the weekly Shootout on Sunday 24th July – will consist of tournament entry tickets.
  • The weekly alternating prize structure will continue throughout the seven weeks of the promotion until Sunday 28th

The Summer Games – The Daily Missions

The missions vary for each day of the week and have certain qualifying criteria – for example, players have to compete in cash games of NL Hold´em, Speed Poker or 6 Plus Poker (heads-up excluded) with a minimum stake of €0.05/€0.10 for their achievements to count, or play games of Twister with a minimum buy-in of €1.00. Thereafter, the missions are straightforward:

  • On Mondays, get dealt AA or KK twice to win your All-In Shootout seat.
  • On Tuesdays, win three games of Twister.
  • On Wednesdays, play 100 hands of 6 Plus Poker.
  • On Thursdays, play five games of Twister.
  • On Fridays, win twenty-five hands of poker (includes PL Omaha).
  • On Saturdays, win five hands at showdown playing Speed Poker.
  • On Sundays, play in a selected network tournament (varies according to date).

Players can win up to four seats in each night´s daily All-In Shootout by completing each mission multiple times. But, before you log into your account tomorrow (Wednesday) and play 400 hands of 6 Plus Poker, it is also possible to win seats in each night´s daily Shootout by participating in the second Summer of Fun promotion – “Summer Rivers”.

Summer of Fun Part 2 – The Summer Rivers

The Summer Rivers is a completely new type of promotion on the iPoker Network, and one that looks like a lot of fun. The concept behind the promotion is that every time a hand goes to showdown, the River card is saved in a small box at the top right hand side of the screen. If players collect three River cards to make Three-of-a-Kind, a Straight or a Straight Flush within 50 hands, they are rewarded with a ticket to the daily €1,000 All-In Shootout.

If players collect a “Perfect” Three -of-a-Kind (three cards of the same suit all with the same face value), they are rewarded with a seat one of two Summer Rivers All-In Shootouts that will be played on Sunday 28th August:

  • Players who collect their “perfect” Three-of-a-Kind in games with a stake level of €0.10/€0.20 will play in a Summer Rivers Shootout with a prize pool of €5,000.
  • Players who collect their “perfect” Three-of-a-Kind at higher stakes will compete in a Summer Rivers Shootout with a prize pool of €25,000.

Terms and conditions apply for this promotion as well, so it is best that you find out what games are eligible for the Summer Rivers prizes (typically NL Hold´em, 6 Plus Hold´em and Speed Poker) as each poker site affiliated to the iPoker Network may have their own different criteria for prize eligibility.

Enjoy your Summer of Fun on the iPoker Network!

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