iPoker Sites Hosting €30K Golden Rivers Promotion

Posted on by Roy Smith

Golden Rivers at iPoker NetworkSites on the iPoker Network have just started a Golden Rivers promotion in which players can win seats in All-In Shootouts with more than €30,000 up for grabs.

If you played in the Summer of Fun promotion hosted earlier this year on the iPoker Network, you might remember that the most “fun” part of the promotion was “Summer Rivers” – a game in which copies of your river cards were held in a box and you had to make winning combinations to qualify for a prize.

Until October 2, Summer Rivers is back, only with a new name – Golden Rivers. The concept is the same, the prizes are the same, and the only difference we can see from before is that the qualifying stakes have been lowered for players to win seats in the daily €1,000 All-In Prize Shootout.

How to Play Golden Rivers

Over the next three weeks, whenever you join a cash game of NL Hold´em, 6Plus Hold´em or Speed Poker at stakes of €0.05/€0.10 or higher (heads-up excluded), you will notice a “Golden Rivers” box at the top right of the screen. The box has three windows.

The objective of Golden Rivers is to fill the windows with a winning combination of three cards within fifty hands. Cards are added to the Golden Rivers box whenever you go to showdown – a copy of the river card being transferred to an empty window. An example of how this works follows below:

In order to win a prize, from your three river cards you have to make Three-of-a-Kind, a Straight, a Straight Flush or a “Perfect” Three-of-a-Kind – a “Perfect” being all three cards in the box having the same face value and suit. The prize you win depends on the winning combination and the stake level:

  • If you make a “Perfect” Three-of-a-Kind at stakes of €0.25/€0.50 or higher, you will win a seat in a €25,000 All-In Cash Shootout on Sunday October 2.
  • If you make a “Perfect” Three-of-a-Kind at stakes of €0.10/€0.20, you will win a seat in a €5,000 All-In Cash Shootout on Sunday October 2.
  • If you make any other winning combination, or a “Perfect” at stakes of €0.05/€0.10, you will win a seat in a daily €1,000 All In Prize Shootout.

The daily €1,000 All In Prize Shootouts take place at 7:00pm (CET). Although you have to manually register for each one, you do not have to be logged into your account to play the game as you are automatically all-in every hand. You can enter each day´s €1,000 All In prize Shootout up to four times.

If you fail to make a winning combination of cards within fifty hands, the Golden Rivers box is reset and you start again. You also have the option to reset the box within the fifty hands if you have collected two cards that cannot possibly combine to make a winning combination (for example 5 and 10).

Where to Play Golden Rivers

Not every site affiliated with the iPoker Network appears to be hosting the Golden Rivers promotion. We have checked around various sites and can confirm you will be able to play Golden Rivers at the following destinations:

  • Netbet Poker – Best bonus clearance rate for microstakes, Sit & Go and tournament players.
  • Titan Poker – Tickets into freerolls with €12,000 prize money awarded following your first deposit.

Whichever of the above sites you choose to play at, the contribution you make to the rake deducted from each pot while you are playing the Golden Rivers game will contribute to clearing your first deposit bonus. Just remember that the Golden Rivers promotion is only open until Sunday October 2, so visit one of the above sites today!

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