Ignition Releases Update to Casino and Poker Platforms

Posted on by Roy Smith

Ignition Updates Poker and Casino SoftwareIgnition rolled out some changes to its poker and casino offerings, adding live dealers and leaderboards in the casino and mobile-friendly MTTs for poker.

Also included in the update was added security for player accounts in the form of a four-digit PIN. Players will be required to create a PIN upon logging in and will use that PIN in the future when withdrawing funds or changing information in their accounts.

The new look at Ignition includes the home page where players will quickly see options of CASINO, LIVE DEALER and POKER. A simple click on either of the three will take you to the specific game or games chosen. Or scroll down the page to choose among the most popular casino games, the games with the biggest jackpots, or to download or find out more information about exciting poker action at Ignition.

Ignition Security: 4 digit Pin

Live Dealers

Live Dealer at Ignition CasinoLet’s delve deeper into the changes made at Ignition by beginning with live casino dealers. This concept has been in use for quite some time at other online casinos and has received mostly favorable reviews from players who enjoy some interaction while gambling.

The live dealers at Ignition are commandeering the action in real time at games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. They’ll greet you by name and provide a taste of VIP treatment, just as though you were seated and playing in the casino.

One poster on reddit who calls himself ‘tmm224’ stated his belief that the main reason for the update was the live dealers for pit games. It may not be THE main reason, but it certainly is one of the reasons.

Another perk tied in with the live dealer feature is that waiting for a table may be going the way of the dinosaur at Ignition Casino. If the table is full, you’ll still be able to place a back bet. You can always get in on the action, which is a big positive for gamblers who tend to get antsy while waiting for an open seat.

Casino Leaderboards

Ignition Casino LeaderboardsLeaderboard races have long been a huge attraction to online poker players. Casino players can now be a part of the fun by competing against other gamblers in a quest to score the most points.

The top finishers on leaderboards typically win bonus cash and prizes above and beyond any winnings on the casino tables. Check out the Leaderboards available by first clicking on “Casino” on the home page, and then simply click on “Leaderboards.”


Online PokerThe Ignition upgrade was partly necessary due to the increasing number of players who gamble and play online poker over their mobile devices. The new platform now allows poker players to compete in any and all tournaments while on the go.

That includes festivals such as the Golden Spade Poker Open, or a quick Jackpot Sit & Go game. Whatever your pleasure when it comes to tournament poker, the games hosted at Ignition Poker are all mobile-friendly.

Players at the popular 2+2 online poker forum were discussing the new changes at Ignition. Here’s what ‘HomeStar’ had to say about it:

I do really like the mobile client already, hopefully that stays mostly the same. Being able to play MTTs on my phone would be awesome.

Poker players will also notice that the colors have changed in the poker client. What used to be red is now orange, and the font also appears to be bolder.

Whether or not the orange is more appealing or easier on the eyes remains a matter of opinion. Players are encouraged to log on and take a look, as well as to try a few games on their mobile devices. There are plenty of games to choose from!

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