Ignition Poker to Host $300,000 GTD Wild Wednesday in July 2019

Posted on by Roy Smith

ignition Casino $300K GTD Wild Wednesday July 2019The upcoming July 4 holiday will have lots of fireworks, especially at Ignition Poker where $300K in guaranteed prize money will be up for grabs the day before.

It’s all part of Ignition Poker’s Wild Wednesday, a full day of exciting poker tournament action that’ll be boosting the bankrolls of event winners to the tune of at least $300,000. It’ll all go down on Wednesday, July 3 as Americans celebrate their independence, proudly displaying their stars and stripes and happy to be citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.

Ignition Poker, one of the top US-facing online poker sites, has packed the Wild Wednesday festivities with 18 firecracker events. The tournaments run from the early morning until late in the evening, highlighted by a $75,000 GTD Main Event.

Lots of Inexpensive Qualifiers

While the buy-in of the Main Event may be a little pricey for some at $250 + $20, there is also a Mini-Main Event on the schedule that promises $40,000 GTD and costs only $35 + $3.50 to enter. Even more good news is an extensive qualifier schedule that allows players to win a seat to the Main Event for as little as $1.65.

Qualifiers begin on Wednesday June 19 and will be available right up until the tournament start time on July 3. That kick off time is set for 19:06 p.m. on Wild Wednesday July 3 for the Main Event, which makes for two solid weeks of qualifier action.

Go to Ignition Poker to check out the qualifier schedule. If you don’t have an account there and want to learn a bit more about the site before getting in on the Wild Wednesday fireworks, we have an extensive review of Ignition Poker that will get you up to speed as well as allow you to obtain a generous 100% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus by clicking on the appropriate link.

The Wild Wednesday schedule on July 3 includes a bunch of different game formats such as Turbo, Super Stack, Monster Stack, Knockout, 6-handed, and Lucky Sevens. There truly is something for everyone among the 18 events on the docket. Here’s the schedule:

Wild Wednesday Events – July 3rd 2019 – $300,000 GTD

Time (ET)Tournament NameGTDBuy-in
8:26Early Bird Main Event$7,000$75 + $7
9:26#1 – $5,000 Gtd (Extra Play)$5,000$25 + $2.50
10:26#2 – $7K Gtd (Monster Stack)$7,000$60 + $6
11:26#3 – $7K Gtd (Lucky Sevens)$7,000$30 + $3
12:26#4 – $8K Gtd (Monster Stack)$8,000$20 + $2
13:26#5 – $5K Gtd ($5 Knockout)$5,000$25 + $2.50
14:26#6 – $15,000 Gtd (SS)$15,000$100 + $9
15:26#7 – $10K Gtd (10K Chips)$10,000$15 + $1.50
16:26#8 – $10K Gtd (Extra Play) PLO$10,000$50 + $5
17:26#9 – $20K Gtd (6-Handed SS)$20,000$40 + $4
18:26Mini Main Event – $40K Gtd$40,000$35 + $3.50
19:06Main Event – $75,000 Gtd$75,000$250 + $20
19:26#10 – $15,000 Gtd (50/50)$15,000$125 + $10
20:26#11 – $9,000 Gtd (10K Chips)$9,000$10 + $1
21:26#12 – $35,000 Gtd (10K Chips)$35,000$150 + $12
22:26#13 – $18K Gtd (25K Chips) Turbo$18,000$55 + $5
22:36NoLateReg: Heads-Up – $4K Gtd$4,000$30 + $3
23:26#14 – $10K Gtd (50K Chips) Hyper$10,000$75 + $7

With regard to qualifiers, each player can only win one entry to a tournament. Winning more than one entry for the same event is useless because any additional entries won will be forfeited.

Also, entries won via qualifiers cannot be exchanged for cash. So make sure you can play in the tournament that you are attempting to qualify for prior to entering.

Ignition Poker is the go to site for recreational players due to the fact that all play is done anonymously and players are identified by seat numbers rather than screen names. That serves the purpose of keeping lesser-skilled players from being targeted by those with more experience, making for a better and fairer poker-playing environment for all.

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