Ignition Poker Redesigns Tables for Sleek and Smooth Play

Posted on by Roy Smith

New Ignition Poker SoftwareThe Ignition Casino poker room has rolled out a software update in its poker room that includes redesigned poker tables that markedly improves the poker playing experience.

The US-friendly Ignition Poker site unveiled the new tables recently and player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The gameplay is notably more responsive and smooth, employing a simple yet effective design that lends itself to creating more action.

Upon being seated at a cash game, Sit & Go or multi-table tournament, players will immediately notice that tables load quickly, made possible by the new design that’s aimed more toward simplicity than high resolution graphics and an overabundance of bells and whistles that can create lags and distractions. The interface is fast and smooth.

Customize to Personal Preferences

The look and feel of the table is customizable according to each player’s specifications, with five different table skin colors to choose from – blue, red, orange, green and magenta – over a sleek racetrack theme. Players can also select among four distinct playing card designs.

Customization of the Poker Tables

Want to be sure you’re seated in your favorite seat? You can do that with a simple left click on your desired seat. Need some more info on your game? The collapsible notifications panel has you covered there. Is your native tongue something other than English? You can choose from six different languages that include Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

Players enjoying the redesigned poker tables will also notice that favorite casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots are embedded into the poker software, meaning that you are just one click away from exciting casino action. Video poker is among the selections available as well.

A Home for Casual Players

The software update hasn’t stopped Ignition Poker from remaining committed to hosting a poker room where recreational players feel comfortable. The anonymous tables are still there, as is the Quick Seat feature on the cash game tables that allows players to select their game and stake level and to be automatically taken to a seat. Both of those elements are intended to keep sharks from targeting their prey.

Still going strong are the mobile poker and Zone Poker features. The former permits access to players on the go via their smartphones and tablets. The latter is Ignition’s version of fast-fold poker, allowing players to fold bad hands immediately and be whisked to another table for fast action and to see way more hands per hour. Two entries per player are permitted on Zone Poker tables.

Ignition Poker Mobile

Quick Chat featuring pre-defined words and phrases stops players from harassing each other; the Rabbit Cam shows you what the turn and river would have been if the hand hadn’t ended before showdown; the Hand Re-Player allows you to see the mucked cards of your tablemates; and the ability to take notes on individual players during a single session are all available in the software revamp.

Simultaneous Table Limit Increased

Players who enjoy multi-tabling will be pleased to know that the new limit on MTTs has been expanded to a whopping 20 tables simultaneously. The maximum for cash games and Sit & Go tables remains at four.

The Hand History Viewer, complete with fast-forward and rewind capabilities, allows players to rerun previous hands to see what developed on each street. For that matter, you can download full hand histories of your playing sessions 24 hours following the action in order to review your play and to make adjustments in future hands under similar situations.

There’s a lot to like about Ignition Poker and the redesigned tables that permit greater focus on the action at hand. Even better is that the US-friendly poker room is not yet done with making improvements as several more features are expected to be released in the near future.

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