GCG Accepting Full Tilt Remission Petitions

Posted on by Roy Smith

GCG Accepting Full Tilt Remission PetitionsAs promised, the Garden City Group is now accepting Petitions for Remission from U.S. Full Tilt players whose account balances have been tied up since 2011.

Emails have reportedly been sent to all players who are owed money. The GCG reports that some of those emails have bounced back as undeliverable. The claims administrator will make every effort to re-send those emails, with that task expected to be accomplished within 2-3 days. Players who have not seen the necessary email in their in-boxes are advised to check their spam folders.

Petitions are now available at fulltiltpokerclaims.com under separate tab on the left side of the page entitled File a Petition for Remission. Simply click the tab and enter the petition and control numbers as indicated on the email notice you received from GCG. You will also be required to provide identity verification either by your last name, player ID number, or zip code.

Accomplishing those tasks will allow you to see the account balance that GCG has on file for you as of April 15, 2011. If that total jibes with what you believe you are owed, enter the required bank and tax information. If you don’t agree with the balance on record, you may dispute the amount and must support your claim by uploading the required documentation.

In order to complete the submission process, claimants are required to certify their eligibility. Those requirements include the actual depositing of funds at Full Tilt, as well as not being associated with FTP or any of its related companies in any employment or vendor capacity.

Successful completion of the remission process also entails the receipt of a confirmation email from GCG. Players who fail to receive such an email can assume that their petition has not been officially submitted.

Players who never received the initial missive from GCG that contains a petiton number and control number may click Create a New Petition at the bottom of the page and enter the required information. You can either save that info or click continue, with your best bet likely to file the new petition and allow GCG to review the information provided.

As expected, reports from players vary widely on the smoothness of the entire remission process. Some report incorrect account balances on file, while others have yet to receive the required Notice emails that were sent out by GCG on Monday and Tuesday.

In any event, there are two whole months in which to file claims and the GCG is available to answer questions toll-free at (866) 250-2640. If you would prefer sending an email regarding your Petition for Remission concerns, send that to Info@FullTiltPokerClaims.com. Snail mail queries are also accepted, but not advisable.

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