Full Flush Poker goes Mad in March

Posted on by Roy Smith

Full Flush Poker goes Mad in MarchHaving just increased its first deposit bonus, Full Flush Poker is now adding to its guaranteed tournament schedule in the site´s “March Madness” promotion

February was a pretty good month for anybody discovering Full Flush Poker for the very first time. The site had just increased the size of its first deposit bonus, extended its “Outlaw Bounty” promotion and gave away $10.00 for free as a Valentine present.

Now Full Flush Poker is hosting a March Madness promotion – the feature of which is the extension of its guaranteed tournament schedule to more than $40,000 and the inclusion of a “Big Ten” $10,000 guaranteed tournament which has a buy-in of just $27.50 and which will get played on Sunday 30 March at 3.00 (ET).

Revised Guaranteed Tournament Schedule

A revised tournament schedule is not necessarily big news when other sites do it but, when Full Flush Poker increases the number of events with guaranteed prize pools, it is worth taking notice. Admittedly Full Flush Poker does not host the most valuable tournaments in the online poker universe, but they do tend to have the deepest payout structures and most frequent overlays.

Now, Full Flush Poker is increasing the number of guaranteed events hosted on the site to 15 each day (with additional events of Saturday and Sunday), to bring the total value of guaranteed tournaments in March up to $40,000. Although many of the new tournaments will have a re-buy and add-on format, it is worth pointing out that none of the tournaments on Full Flush Poker allow for late registration; so, if it looks as if there is a bit of value just before the start of a game, the value will probably still exist when the tournament finishes.

More POPs Up For Grabs in March

Full Flush Poker is also extending its “POPs for Cash” program during March. “POPs for Cash” allows players to convert Player Option Points (POPs) earned for paying a tournament buy-in fee or for contributed to the rake into cash and, as an incentive for players to put in some extra volume at the tables during March, the March Madness promotion includes a POPs bonus offer.

Players who collect 1,000 POPs or more during March will be rewarded with 1,000 Promo Bucks (worth $10.00) which can be used to enter Full Flush Poker tournaments. Players who earn 2,000 POPs thru March will see the value of their March POPs doubled on the 1st April, while players collecting 5,000 POPs or more will have their value trebled.

POPs are awarded at the rate of 10 per $1.00 contributed in rake or paid to enter Sit n Go or multitable tournaments so, in cash terms, any player picking up more than 5,000 POPs during March is being rewarded at an effective rakeback rate of 15%. It´s not a massive cash bonus, but for a site which is building a solid foundation of players, it is quite a sensible and reasonable offer.

Deposit Cashbacks Ongoing Thru March

In addition to the tournaments and POPs promotions, Full Flush Poker is continuing with its deposit cashback offer thru March. Existing players who add funds to their accounts with a deposit of $50.00 or more will receive an extra 10% cashback immediately, while new players – making their first deposit of $50.00 or more – will have 20% of their deposit credited to their accounts as well as being eligible for a 150% match bonus up to $600.00.

The deposit cashback offer is automatic and there are no clear-thru requirements before you can use it at the tables (there are restrictions on withdrawing the cashback funds though). However, new players wishing to take advantage of the Full Flush bonus should enter the bonus code “not needed” when creating their accounts to make sure the bonus is applied. If in doubt, Full Flush Poker has a (very good) live help service which is available 24 hours a day.

Go Mad in March with Full Flush Poker!

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