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Intertops Poker Bonus Code

Intertops Poker Bonus CodeIn our review, we mentioned Intertops Poker has several features you may have found at an online poker site ten years ago. If you (like us) played online poker ten years ago, you will appreciate this isn´t a detrimental comment, because ten years ago playing online poker was more lucrative than it is today. One of the things that made online poker lucrative for ABC players ten years ago was the dealt rake method of distributing Frequent Player Points (FPPs).

The reason we mention this at the start of a page about the Intertops Poker bonus code is because understanding the way in which FPPs are distributed is pivotal to understanding how to clear the Intertops Poker bonus and accelerate through the loyalty program in order to take advantage of further no deposit poker bonuses. The concept isn´t difficult to understand, it may just be unfamiliar to players used to being awarded FPPs using the contributed rake method.

How the Dealt Rake Method Works

When you play cash games of online poker at Intertops, Frequent Player Points are awarded at the rate of 1FPP per $1.00 deducted from the pot in rake. Whereas at most other online poker sites FPPs are distributed according to which players have contributed to the pot, at Intertops Poker everybody dealt into the hand receives an equal number of FPPs provided the hand has seen the Flop (Intertops Poker implements a “no flop, no drop” policy for deducting rake.

This means that, if you were playing in a hand on a 6-Max table from which $2.25 was deducted in rake, all six players dealt into the hand  would receive 2.25 FPPs whether they folded their cards in the pre-flop action or saw the hand all the way through to showdown. As was also mentioned in our Intertops Poker review, this method of distributing FPPs is not beneficial to loose, aggressive players who want to be involved in every hand, but ideal for more cautious players and novice players.

Other Ways of Earning Frequent Player Points

Although playing cash games is most players preferred method to earn FPPs, it is not the only way. You can also earn FPPs by playing in poker tournaments and Sit & Go games, or by playing “in-client” casino games – i.e. casino games that are accessible from the poker client. FPPs for poker tournaments and Sit & Go games are awarded at the rate of 7 FPPs per $1.00 paid in entry fees. Therefore, if you were to enter a tournament with a $5.00 + $0.50 buy-in, you would receive 3.5 FPPs.

The amount of points you are awarded for playing in-client casino games varies according to the game. The following table lists the number of points awarded per $100 wagered on each game. Please not it is not necessary to wager $100 to receive points, as they are awarded incrementally. For example, if you were to wager $40 playing Caribbean Stud, you will still receive 2 FPPs.

Game FPPs/$100 Game FPPs/$100
Slots 3 Casino Hold´em 3.5
Video Poker 8 Let It Ride 5
Blackjack 1 Caribbean Stud 5

About the Intertops Poker Bonus

The Intertops Poker bonus for first deposits is a very generous 200% on top of the amount deposited up to a maximum bonus of $1,000. Unlike the Intertops Casino bonus (explained below) which you can use straight away, the poker bonus is put into a separate “pending bonus account” and released in increments of $5.00 each time you have collected 83.335 FPPs. You can monitor how much of the bonus has been cleared and how much is left to clear under the rewards tab in the poker client.

The process for claiming the Intertops Poker bonus is a little different from most other online poker sites inasmuch as you create an account, make your first deposit, and then go back into the cashier section of the poker client to enter the Intertops Poker bonus code THPOBONUS. Using this Intertops Poker bonus code will entitle you to 25 free spins on Intertops´ casino slot of the month in addition to the first deposit bonus. Please note a minimum deposit of $25 is required to take advantage of this offer.

Other FPP-Based Promotions at Intertops Poker

In addition to the first deposit bonus, there is a host of promotions at Intertops Poker for which an understanding of FPPs is useful. For example, each week the site gives away $4,000 in cash to the one hundred players who earn the most FPPs. You also receive cash awards when you have collected enough FPPs to complete a Loyalty Tier, and you can convert FPPs into Gold Chips (100 FPPs = 1 Gold Chip) to exchange for no deposit bonuses which are cleared in the same way as the first deposit bonus.

Intertops´ loyalty program is very good indeed. There are fifty Loyalty Levels to complete, each with a varying number of tiers (generally the higher the level, the higher the number of tiers). Every time you complete a Loyalty Tier you receive a cash prize (the higher the level, the higher the prize), plus there are additional bonuses for completing a tier quickly. Remember, due to the dealt rake method of distributing FPPs, you don´t have to spend a lot of money to reach a high Loyalty level.

Intertops Casino and Sports Book Bonus Codes

If you like playing casino games, once you have created your poker account, you can use the same account to fund your action at Intertops´ Casino and Sports Book. You can also take advantage of additional bonuses by making further deposits either through the downloadable casino or sports betting web page. For example, Intertops Casino offers four consecutive casino deposit bonuses followed by a $25 no deposit casino bonus. The Intertops Casino bonus codes to use are:

Deposit Bonus Intertops Bonus Code
#1 100% up to $100 SIGNUP100
#2 50% up to $100 WELCOME2
#3 75% up to $150 WELCOMEBACK
#4 100% up to $200 WELCOMEHOME
The $25 no deposit casino bonus is sent by email after deposit #4

This is only one of a number of promotions run in the casino, each having its own Intertops Casino bonus code. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions of each promotion before making a qualifying deposit as some have rollover requirements different from the standard 30x requirement, or have limits on which games you can play or how much you can win. It is also important to be aware that the Intertops Casino bonus code usually has to be entered before making your deposit.

With regard to Intertops sportsbook bonuses, some of these are country specific. For example, the Intertops sport book bonus codes ROOKIE50, ROOKIE100, and ROOKIE200 are only available for customers in North America, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. However, most of the other promotions in the sportsbook are open to all players once you have created your poker account.

Conclusion: Start with Poker and Learn as You Go

The volume of opportunities at Intertops is quite staggering; and, if you are new to online gambling, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. Intertops often hosts “crossover” poker promotions in which (for example), you can win free spins in the casino by cashing in a freeroll poker tournament. Therefore, our advice is to start by creating a poker account and taking advantage of the first deposit bonus, and then finding out in stages what other opportunities exist.

Remember to use our links to visit the Intertops website, and use the Intertops Poker bonus code “THPOBONUS” after making your first deposit. This will ensure you get full access to all the promotions offered by Intertops (excluding country-specific promotions), whether they relate to poker, casino games, or sports betting. By sure to follow Intertops on social media as well, as the site often announces new promotions via Twitter and its Facebook page.