Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

BCP Bonus CodeBlack Chip Poker is part of the prestigious Winning Poker Network. Noted for its reliable service, fast payouts and wide array of low-to-high buy-in guaranteed tournaments, Black Chip Poker features some of the biggest games around.

The U.S friendly site offers a plethora of incentives to new players, including a first-time deposit bonus and free tournament entries. Throw in a fabulous incentives program and it comes as little surprise that Black Chip Poker has established itself as one of the premier poker sites offering Texas Hold´em Poker Online.

Black Chip Poker Bonus

Black Chip Poker, like other sites on the Winning Poker Network, offers a 100% match on first time deposits, up to $1,000. In order to qualify, new players only need to deposit a paltry $50 into their accounts.

Bonuses are released in increments of $1.00. In order to unlock the bonus, you must accumulate just 27.5 Award Points – which are earned through playing in ring games and paying tournament fees. In other words, for every $25 of rake you contribute to a pot, you’ll unlock $5 in real money.

It’s the equivalent of 20% rakeback – and all the time you will also be earning “Benefit Points” towards Black Chip Poker´s lucrative “Elite Benefits” rewards program and “Beast Points” towards the site´s “Beast” rake race.

The Bottom Line

The value of Black Chip Poker’s promotional bonus is considered fairly standard, but the good thing about Black Chip Poker’s promotional offer is that players have sixty days to unlock their bonus and, if they fail to do so, reload bonuses come along fairly frequently.

Our Exclusive 2024 Bonus Code for Black Chip Poker

So how do you sign up of this generous offer? Upon registering your account simply enter in the Black Chip Poker Bonus Code CHIPPED. There is a separate field for the Bonus Code that’s you’ll be hard pressed to miss. And remember, the more money you deposit, the greater your potential bonus will be.

Our 2024 BlackChip Poker Code CHIPPED will also allow you to play in a month’s worth of $250 freeroll tournaments, automatically enroll you in the comprehensive Elite Benefits Program and provide you with instant access to a storefront where you can redeem your Player Points for cash, prizes and tournament entries. Only a donkey wouldn’t take advantage of these benefits.

Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

Clearing the Black Chip Poker Bonus

Calculating Award Points (APs) earned for participating in tournaments is easy. For every dollar you pay in tournament entry fees, you will receive a straight 5.5 APs. Even if the fees are less than $1 you will still earn fractional APs. For instance, if the fee is $.50, you would earn 5.5 / 2 = 2.75 APs.

Cash games require a little further explanation. Three different types of points are awarded for playing at the cash game tables – Award Points, Benefit Points and Beast Points. Award Points are the ones that count towards clearing the poker bonus, and these are also awarded at the rate of 5.5 APs per dollar contribution you make to the rake.

Benefit Points are also awarded at the rate of 5.5 BPs for the contribution you make to the rake and these determine your monthly status in the Black Chip Poker “Elite Benefits” program. In the program, Benefit Points are converted into Player Points depending on your status level. The higher the level you achieve, the more Player Points you will receive. Players Points are the currency that is used in the Black Chip Poker to buy cash prizes and tournament entry packages.

Beast Points are awarded in cash games where a minimum of $0.25 has been deducted in rake. This are awarded according to the value of the pot, the number of players in the pot and your own personal contribution to the pot. You can track your progress in the weekly “Beast” rake race at any time through the poker client.

Assuming that you deposit the maximum eligible for the initial welcome bonus ($1,000), you should head to the $0.25/$0.50 cash tables if you are following standard bankroll management (if you are a novice player, you may want to start at slightly lower stakes until you get a feel for the site and then raise your stake levels when you have a little more experience).

Buy into a reasonable number of games for the maximum $50.00 where available (some tables have lower caps). Based on an average pot value of $4.00 (from which $0.20 is deducted in rake), assuming that you contribute to the rake 20% of the time and 100 rakeable hands are played on the table within one hour, you should be collecting 22 Award Points per table per hour.

Multiple your 22 Award Points by the (say) the eight tables you are playing simultaneously and that makes a total of 176 Award Points an hour. The total number of Award Points needed to clear the maximum Black Chip Poker bonus is 27,500. So, you need to spend 156 hours at the tables over the sixty days allowed to clear the bonus – or a little more than 2½ hours each day.

Is it Worth it?

There’s really no such thing as a bad poker promotion, but some are definitively better than others. Black Chip Poker’s promotion is in many ways superior to the deals being offered by similar sites. And considering that most poker players take advantage of promotional offers from multiple sites, there is simply no good reason to avoid the free money Black Chip Poker is offering its new players.