BetOnline Poker Running Limitless Rewards NFL Rake Race

Posted on by Roy Smith

NFL Rake Race at Betonline PokerBetOnline Poker is running an NFL-themed rake race promotion throughout October that has no limit on how much money a player can add to their bankroll.

If you are a cash game player at BetOnline Poker, you should not miss the opportunity to opt into the “Build Your Own NFL Team” promotion that is running throughout October. The promotion rewards you with “players” for contributing to the rake deducted from BetOnline Poker cash games and, at the end of the month, you cash in your players for a potentially healthy cash amount.

The way the promotion works is remarkably simple. For each $1.00 you contribute to the rake, you are given a “Free Agent”. When you have collected five “Free Agents”, they are automatically exchanged for a “Rookie”. You continue collecting more “Free Agents” to exchange for “Rookies” and, when you have five “Rookies”, they are exchanged for a “Starter”.

How to Cash in the Build Your Own NFL Team Promotion

The process continues through seven levels of players, with the top five levels of players each having a cash value. At the close of the promotion you will be rewarded with cash for each player that you have in any of the top five levels:

Progress Map Reward per Player
$1 Rake = One Free Agent
Five Free Agents = One Rookie
Five Rookies = One Starter $1.00
Five Starters = One Veteran $10.00
Five Veterans = One All-Pro $50.00
Three All-Pros = One Hall-of-Famer $150.00
Three Hall of Famers = One Legend $500.00

For example, if you were to collect two “Legends” (2 x $500.00), one “Hall of Famer” (1 x $150.00), four “Veterans” (4 x $10.00) and four “Starters” (4 x $1.00), you would have $1,194.00 added to your BetOnline Poker account at the beginning of November. As mentioned above, there is no limit on how much money you can make from this promotion. Just remember to opt in!

Double Free Agents on October 31st

To help players get the maximum value from their teams, BetOnline Poker is running a “Halloween Special Offer” on Saturday October 31st. All throughout the day, players will be rewarded with two “Free Agents” for each $1.00 contributed to the rake. This will accelerate the rate at which “Free Agents” get converted into “Rookies” and provide a last-minute opportunity for players to earn more cash from the promotion.

BetOnline will be updating a “Build Your Own NFL Team” leaderboard daily so you can compare your progress with that of other players. There is no extra bonus for having the best NFL team at the end of the month, and maybe this is something that BetOnline Poker might want to consider if they run a similar promotion in the future!

Leaderboard Competition for Tournament Players Too

As well as the “Build Your Own NFL Team” promotion, BetOnline is running three tournament leaderboard competitions during November. Players at three different buy-in levels are awarded points for their performances in BetOnline poker tournaments, and the top one hundred players on each leaderboard will be invited to three special “Face-Off” tournaments at the beginning of November with a combined value of $3,500.

BetOnline is also giving away hundreds of free tickets into its weekday $5,000 guaranteed poker tournaments. To be in with a chance of winning a free ticket, all players have to do is compete in one $5,000 guaranteed to be entered into a draw for tickets into the following week´s tournaments. Naturally the more $5,000 guaranteed tournaments you play in one week, the more chances you have of picking up multiple tickets into the following week´s events.

Increase in BetOnline First Deposit Bonus

If you have been tempted to get involved at BetOnline, but have not yet taken the plunge, you should note that – for a short time only – the maximum BetOnline Poker bonus has been increased from $2,000 to $2,500. As it is a 200% match bonus on first deposits, this means that the maximum qualifying deposit is $1,250. Please note that you must use the BetOnline Poker bonus code “VIP1000” to be eligible for this enhanced offer.

Details of how to clear the bonus are included in my BetOnline Review and, because of the way in which the bonus is cleared as milestones are met, it is pretty important that you understand how the bonus is released before making a substantial deposit. My review also gives details of setting up an account, your deposit options, and what you can expect when you start playing at the site. Overall, I was pretty impressed with BetOnline Poker and, if you have any interest in building your own NFL team, I think you will be too!

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