Bet365 Poker Offering Hourly Cash Missions

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Hourly Cash Missions at Bet365Bet365 Poker has launched an innovative new promotion in which players who reload their accounts are rewarded for attempting “Hourly Cash Missions”.

Bet365 Poker has come up with a new twist on mission promotions – “Hourly Cash Missions”. Instead of having to grind away for hours or days in order to achieve a prize in a promotion, players at Bet365 Poker get the opportunity to win a cash amount every hour of every day until June 24th.

The new promotion is exclusive to Bet365 Poker and only available to players who make a qualifying deposit into their account. Thereafter, players have to opt-in to the “Hourly Cash Missions” promotion and start earning Merit Points by contributing to the rake deducted from cash games or by paying a fee to enter a Bet365 Poker tournament or Sit & Go game.

How the Promotion Works

Players at Bet365 are pretty used to collecting Merit Points to take advantage of the site´s valuable VIP Rewards program. During the “Hourly Cash Missions” promotion, not only will the Merit Points count towards their VIP status, but they will also be converted into “Coins” which need to be collected to complete each mission.

Coins are awarded at the rate of 0.50 per Merit Point (Merit Points being awarded at the rate of 15 per € or £ raked/paid in fees) or 1.00 per merit Point for players playing on Bet365 Poker´s exclusive “Premium Tables”. The Coins have no cash exchange value, but will be used a measure to determine a player´s progress throughout each mission.

At the start of each hour, players will be advised of what their mission is for the next hour – how many Coins they need to collect to achieve the mission and what their reward will be. Players who fail to complete the mission will be awarded a prize on a pro rata basis provided they have collected at least one Coin during the hour duration of the mission.

A Couple of Terms and Conditions You Should Know

As good as this promotion is, Bet365 Poker has attached a couple of terms and conditions that players should be aware of. One of the most important is that Merit Points and Coins are not credited to a player´s mission status until their participation in a tournament or Sit & Go game has come to an end. This is obviously to stop players from registering for multiple tournaments to collect Coins and then unregistering before the tournament gets underway.

Bet365 has also asked us to publish their “Significant Offer Terms and Conditions” in this article – we think to comply with some licensing requirement, but it is just as well that players are aware of them:

  1. The Hourly Cash Missions promotion runs from 12:00 GMT on 27th May 2015 until 11:59 GMT on 24th June 2015. The promotion has qualifying periods of 24 hours which run from 12:00 GMT until 11:59 GMT the following day.
  2. In order to receive any prize amount which they win in any initial qualifying period, players must opt in before the end of the relevant qualifying period. Any player who opts in may receive any prize amount which they win in any current and all subsequent qualifying periods. It is only necessary to opt in once before the end of the stated promotional period.
  3. In order to qualify for any prize amount, players must participate in the relevant mission. Missions begin each hour, on the hour.
  4. In order to participate in any mission, players must be awarded a minimum of one Coin. The number of Coins required to complete each mission, and the maximum prize amount available, are displayed in the poker software.
  5. According to the number of Coins they are awarded during any mission, players qualify for a prize amount on a pro rata basis.

It is also possible that you may forfeit any cash award from the promotion if you fail to log into your Bet365 Poker account for seven days after being awarded a prize in the promotion. We don´t understand why Bet365 should insist on this rule, but it is easy enough to do – especially if you have the Bet365 Poker app installed on your mobile device.

Are You Going to Attempt the Hourly Cash Missions?

If you fancy a go at winning some free poker money at Bet365 Poker, remember that you have to make a qualifying reload deposit and opt-in to the promotion. If you are not already playing at Bet365 Poker, you could also qualify for a £/€100 poker bonus on your first deposit.

Bet365 Poker is particularly user-friendly to new players and allocates “Beginner Tables” for novice players to develop their skills. This is just one of the reasons why we described Bet365 Poker as one of the best poker experiences around for both new players and experienced players in our review of Bet365 Poker; and the site just moved up our “must-play” list with the introduction of “Hourly Cash Missions”.

Win a prize every hour of every day with Bet365 Poker´s “Hourly Cash Missions” (but only until 24th June).

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