Bet365 Poker Looking for Pro Collectors in September

Posted on by Roy Smith

Bet365 Poker's Pro CollectorBet365 is hosting a Pro Collector promotion throughout September in which players can win tournament entry tickets into valuable freeroll events.

At a time when the online poker world seems about to be dominated by big tournament series, it is nice to find a promotion being offered by Bet365 Poker targeted at NL Texas Hold´em cash game players. Furthermore, it is an easy promotion to take part in that could reward you with a share of €30,000.

The Pro Collector promotion is similar to “collector-style” promotions hosted by the site before. You simply opt into the promotion, play your regular cash games of NL Texas Hold´em (except heads-up games), and work your way through the missions until you win your entry tickets to the target events.

The promotion is suitable for both players with plenty of time to spend at the tables and recreational players. It will suit players of all bankroll levels, and you could walk away with more than €4,000 in cash. Interested? Let´s find out more.

How the Pro Collector Promotion Works

Once you have opted into the promotion by clicking the “Start” button in the Missions section of the Bet365 Poker client, your first task is to be dealt pocket Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces twenty times. You do not have to win the hand with your pocket pair, or even go to showdown, just have the selected cards dealt to you.

You do not even have to keep count of how many times you have been dealt a qualifying opening hand. A running total will be displayed in the Missions section of the poker client, so you can always find out what is required in order to complete each task. Once you have finished one task, you automatically unlock the next. The full schedule of tasks to be completed before 7:00pm (GMT) on 1st October is:


Task Mission Reward
1 Be dealt TT, JJ, QQ, KK or AA twenty times Unlocks Task 2
2 Be dealt JJ or QQ ten times Unlocks Task 3
3 Be dealt AK ten times Unlocks Task 4
4 Be dealt AA or KK ten times Unlocks Task 5
5 Be dealt AK fifteen times Unlocks Task 6
6 Be dealt QQ, KK or AA fifteen times Unlocks Task 7
7 Be dealt KK ten times Unlocks Task 8
8 Be dealt AA ten times Mission Complete

When you complete Task 4, in addition to unlocking Task 5, you will be awarded a ticket to an All-In Shootout on 1st October at 7:00pm (GMT). The Shootout has a €10,000 prize pool and, although you do not have to be physically present to play in the game (as you are all-in every hand), you do have to register for the Shootout manually.

On completing the final task (“Mission Complete”) you will also be awarded a ticket to a freeroll tournament that takes place at 7:15pm (GMT) on 1st October. This is a “playable” event with a prize pool of €20,000, so you will have to be physically present to play in the tournament as well as having to register manually once the entry ticket has been awarded to you.

Will You Be a Pro Collector at Bet365 Poker?

What we like about this promotion is that it is not gimmicky, players do not have to stretch their bankrolls in order to complete the tasks (minimum stakes are only €0.05/€0.10), and everybody has an equal chance of winning something in the All-In Shootout. Players with more skill will undoubtedly perform better in the more valuable freeroll, but isn´t that what poker is all about?

If you fancy taking on the challenge and being a Pro Collector visit Bet365 today. The promotion actually started yesterday – giving fast-to-act players an extra week to complete the tasks – and, if you do not already have an account with the site, take a few minutes to read our review of Bet365 Poker to find out how you can qualify for a €100 first deposit bonus and take advantage of a generous welcome package.

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