Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline Poker Exceeds $500,000

Posted on by Roy Smith

Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline PokerThe Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) at BetOnline Poker is over $500,000 for the second time this year and, when it is next won, every Jackpot player will win a share.

Last December, BetOnline Poker introduced its BBJ promotion. Despite some tough eligibility criteria, the Jackpot has been won three times already this year – the last time seeing player “5 Fives” boost his (or her) bankroll by $151,711. That was back in July and since then the prize pool has grown quickly – now exceeding $500,000 for the second time this year.

The last time the prize pool grew to this size back in May, player “Catfancy” took down the Jackpot for an incredible $229,350. However, due to a change in the way in which the Jackpot is distributed, that will likely be the largest individual prize paid out by the BBJ promotion this year – even if the prize pool continues to grow at its astonishing rate.

The BBJ Promotion at BetOnline Poker

The BBJ promotion is funded by a premium on the rake deducted from special Jackpot tables. These tables are easy to identify in the BetOnline Poker cash game lobby by the large gold stars alongside them. Jackpot tables are available in NL Hold´em format with stakes of between $0.50/$1.00 and $5.00/$10.00.

The Jackpot is won when a player playing at a Jackpot table gets beaten holding Four Jacks or higher, subject to the terms and conditions of the promotion – which stipulate both the player´s hole cards must be used in the losing hand and at least four players are active at the table. Once that happens, the Jackpot pool is distributed as follows:

  • The player who suffers the bad beat receives 27.5% of the Jackpot pool.
  • 15% of the Jackpot pool goes to the winner of the hand.
  • 15% of the Jackpot pool is distributed among the other active players at the table.
  • 5% of the Jackpot pool is shared between players sitting at other Jackpot tables.
  • The next BBJ promotion is seeded with 27.5% of the Jackpot pool.
  • The remaining 10% pays for security checks and administration fees.

Based on the current size of the Jackpot ($535,000), whoever next suffers a qualifying bad beat will win at least $147,125. The winner of the hand will receive a minimum of $80,250 in addition to what they collect for winning the hand, while the other players sitting at the table will win $11,465 at a nine-handed table or $20,065 at a 6-Max table. Every other player playing at a Jackpot table would win around $135 depending on the number of active players at the time.

Weekly Cash Race Driving Jackpot Higher

One of the reasons why the value of the BBJ promotion is increasing so quickly is the BetOnline Weekly Cash Race promotion. This promotion rewards players in three stake tiers for their action at the tables with cash prizes totalling $10,000 each week. Players do not have to play at the Jackpot tables in order to be eligible for a cash prize in the promotion, and can play at stakes lower than $0.50/$1.00 in the “Bronze Tier” of the promotion.

However, the higher tiers of the promotion – the “Silver Tier” ($1.00/$2.00 to $2.00/$4.00) and the “Gold Tier” ($3.00/$6.00 and upwards – is where the really big money can be won. The winners of each tier receive $1,000 and $2,000 respectively, and each tier pays twenty places deep – with plenty of competition for all places driving the size of the BBJ promotion. Indeed, if it is not won by Christmas, the BetOnline Poker BBJ prize pool could exceed $750,000.

More Promotions at BetOnline Poker

The BBJ promotion and the Weekly Cash Race are just two of the fantastic promotions at BetOnline Poker that continue to attract players to the site. You can find out more about the site´s other promotions and the 200% first deposit bonus up to $2,500 in our review of BetOnline Poker. Please also note the site will be hosting a $100,000 guaranteed tournament on Sunday October 29th, for which low buy-in satellites are already underway.

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