Americas Cardroom Cage Live Title Won by Igor Senkov for $36,965

Posted on by Roy Smith

The Cage LiveAfter 12 hours of exciting poker action over two days, the Cage Live championship went to Igor Senkov who turned a $5,000 buy-in into a $36,965 payday.

The Cage Live is hosted by Americas Cardroom and is held every two months at the Taormina Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica. It’s a combination of a cash game played under a tournament format that includes periodic increased blind levels.

However, the Cage Live isn’t played until one player has all the chips but is instead a time-based game where any and all chips possessed by the remaining players are swapped for cash – dollar for dollar – when the clock reaches 00:00. Once entering the Cage Live with 5,000 in chips, players are forbidden to leave, unless they go bust.

Neither re-entries nor late registration are permitted. The buy-in is $5,000 + $250.

Weekly Cage Live Satellite

Players are more than welcome to buy-in with cash, but a very popular way of winning a seat to the Cage Live is by playing the $55 Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellite that’s held every Sunday at Americas Cardroom at 6:00 p.m. ET. Two players are guaranteed to win an $8,340 prize package to an upcoming Cage Live event of their choosing.

Each package includes the following:

  • $5,250 Cage Live entry
  • $800 for international airfare
  • $340 for cash games or side events
  • $1,000 in spending cash
  • A 3-night stay in the luxurious Taormina Hotel

While poker will be the main reason of your trip, a stay in Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the sunny beaches and the Costa Rican nightlife and club scene. Be prepared for plenty of entertainment away from the poker tables.

The most recent Cage Live was held from May 31 – June 3. There are three more events scheduled in 2019: from August 9-12, October 4-7, and December 6-9.

The August Cage Live will be played as No Limit Texas Hold’em, while the final two of the year in October and December are set to be Pot Limit Omaha. Winners of the $8,340 prize packages via the weekly $55 Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellites can select whichever event they so desire.

Double Buy Option

Also of note to players entering the Cage Live is a double buy option of an additional 5,000 chips for another $5,250 buy-in. The chips can be used at your discretion but must be bought before the Cage Live begins.

The double buy chips can never enter play and your entire $5,250 entry will be refunded. However, if you happen to lose your initial $5K buy-in, it’s mandatory that the double buy-in be used. Think of it as an extra bullet just in case because there are no re-buys or re-entries once Cage Live action commences.

Igor Senkov took home the Cage Live title and was one of six players to turn a nice profit at the most recent event. Might you be among the winners of the Cage Live event held in August and beyond? Two $8,340 prize packages are waiting to be won every Sunday at Americas Cardroom.

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