Accelerate your Bankroll in Everest´s Fast Lane Promotion

Posted on by Roy Smith

Fast Lane at Everest PokerEverest Poker is inviting online poker players to satisfy their need for speed with its latest monthly mission-based promotion – “Fast Lane”.

Fast Lane is Everest Poker´s latest monthly mission-based promotion in which players are invited to complete missions in order to qualify for daily and weekly All-In Shootout tournaments. As with previous months, there is a selection of missions to choose from each day, and – during the Fast Lane promotion – Everest Poker has made it easier for tournament players to get involved.

In order to participate in the Fast Lane promotion, players have to click on the one mission they intend to complete each day. On completion of the mission, they receive an entry into a €1,000 cash All-In Shootout that takes place at 8:00pm (GMT) each evening. Players who complete three missions within a week receive an entry to a €10,000 cash All-In Shootout the following Sunday, and players who complete five missions within a week receive an extra entry to the same All-In Shootout tournament.

The Choice of Missions Now Includes MTTs

In Everest Poker´s Fast Lane promotion, players have the choice of tackling a cash mission, a Twister mission or an MTT mission each day. As usual, the cash missions and Twister missions vary according to the day of the week. The only variation in the MTT missions is that the required minimum buy-in for qualifying missions on a Sunday is €10.00. The full list of available missions are as below:

Day Cash Mission Twister Mission (min. buy-in) MTT Mission (min. buy-in)
Monday Win with a Pocket Pair Play 5 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Tuesday Win Two Hands at Showdown Win 1 Twister (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Wednesday Get Dealt a Pair of Aces Play 2 Twisters (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Thursday Make a Flush or Better Win 2 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Friday Get Dealt a Pair of Kings Win 1 Twister (min. €5.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Saturday See Ten or More Flops Win 2 Twisters (min. €2.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €5.00)
Sunday Win with a Full House or Better Play 1 Twister (min. €10.00) Play 1 MTT (min. €10.00)

Please note that the cash game missions can only be completed in NL Hold´em cash games or on Speed Poker tables with a minimum blind of €0.05/€0.10. No heads-up play qualifies for the completion of a cash game mission and, as the missions are easier to complete on PLO and 6+ Poker games, these look to also have been excluded from the promotion.

Players attempting the Twister missions should also note the distinction between “Play” and “Win” on certain mission days and the different qualifying buy-ins. It is also important to note that manual registration is required for the daily and weekly All-In Shootout events although, as every player will be all-in every hand, it is not essential for players to be physically present to play in the tournaments.

€68,000 Up For Grabs over Next Four Weeks

The Fast Lane promotion starts this week and runs until Sunday 26th February. During that time, €68,000 will be given away to players who complete the daily missions and cash in the All-In Shootouts. Both the daily and the weekly All-In Shootouts have a “Super Flat” structure that pay roughly 30% of the field, so most players should be able to pick up something in the “Fast Lane” promotion. Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity to accelerate your bankroll and visit Everest Poker today.

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