888 Poker Releases Pick’em8 – a Fast-Paced Variant

Posted on by Roy Smith

Pickem8 at 888 Poker888 Poker has joined the mix of poker sites that have developed and created their own games with the recent rollout of the fun and fast-paced “Pick’em8.”

The new variant is a hybrid of sorts, combining elements of poker with those of a casino game. It’s a great game for beginners as Pick’em8 can be learned quickly and requires only a modicum of skill – if any at all.

Similar to Spin & Go, a game of Pick’em8 will conclude in just a few minutes. However, unlike Spin & Go, there is no betting or bluffing, and the only two decisions to be made are which stake level to play and which hole cards to choose among a choice of eight.

Confused? Keep reading and the rules of the game will be made clear rather quickly. Whether or not you still want to try Pick’em8 after knowing how the game is played will be a matter of choice.

How to Play Pick’em8

Pick’em8 tables can be found by clicking on the “Pick’em’ tab in the poker lobby. Currently, 888 Poker has two buy-in levels for a game of Pick’em8, 25 cents ($0.25) and 1 US dollar ($1).

Each available table will show the buy-in amount as well as the time remaining before the next game or round begins. Each game requires a minimum of three players, but more can play and 888 Poker is marketing Pick’em8 by stating that the more who join the game, the bigger the prize pool will be.

Clicking “Join” on the table of your choice will get you in on the action and when the clock reaches 00:00, it’s time to play. Each player will see eight random cards face up and must choose two hole cards from those eight.

What’s interesting is that all players at the table have to choose from the same eight cards. This makes for perhaps a lot of split pots depending upon the number of players who join the game.

It’s important that you don’t dilly-dally in choosing your two hole cards because if you don’t make your selection in time, your cards will automatically be chosen for you. Remember, Pick’em8 is designed to be a fast-paced game.

From there, once all the players have their hole cards selected and locked in, it’s basically a showdown to see who wins. Five community cards will be dealt on the board without any rounds of betting permitted. No bets, no raises, no folds, no bluffs.

There is simply one buy-in, the selection of hole cards, and boom, the game is over and the player or players with the winning hand according to Texas Hold’em rules of making the best five-card hand from a combination of hole cards and community cards, takes the pot.

Lack of Strategy

Pick’em8 likely won’t appeal to everyone, especially poker purists who enjoy a bit more strategy than picking two hole cards and then watching to see what happens. There really is no way to outplay your opponents. You can choose perhaps the two best hole cards from a mathematical perspective, but will have to rely on a favorable board to scoop the pot.

Keep in mind that your opponents may also choose the two best hole cards and then you’ll be splitting the pot – if the mathematical advantage plays out in true form.

Here’s what one Pick’em8 player had to say at a popular online poker forum:

I tried the new game at 888 – pickem8. People Choose the best Cards or big things like suited connectors and premium hands. But there is no value in it because everybody choose them. Too many on the cake. IF you instead choose the worst hand like 9,4(o), 10,2(o) etc you got massive value because no one choose this.

Pick’em8 may be engaging and exciting for those who might be short on time and would like to play a few games or rounds of a game that’s quick and easy. The new variant may also appeal to players who don’t care to learn how to improve at traditional Texas Hold’em poker.

Whatever your reason or desire to play or not play Pick’em8 at 888 Poker, one thing is certain: the game moves quickly. It can be fun for some, for others, maybe not so much. But it’s worth checking out and having a go at it to see if the game appeals to you.

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