888 Poker Introduces Rake or Break Tournaments

Posted on by Roy Smith

888 PokerA new concept at 888 Poker called Rake or Break tournaments that refunds rake to players if events fail to reach a target prize pool will soon be launched.

The new idea works as sort of a twist on the guaranteed tournaments concept that promises a specific prize pool in a particular event whether or not enough players buy-in to meet the guarantee. In Rake or Break tournaments, if the target prize pool isn’t met, players will instead receive a refund on the rake that was paid upon entering the event.

In other words, participants who buy-in to the tournament will either be playing for at least the stated prize pool or will see some cash (rake) added to their accounts.

888 Poker has been busy trying new concepts pertaining to less rake lately. Regulars at the poker room will recall the RakeFREE Sunday tournaments that allowed players to enter certain events without paying a rake or fee to 888 Poker for hosting the contest.

Rake or Break Sunday

Rake or Break tournament action kicks off on Sunday, March 24 with three events that will pay rake refunds to players if the target prize pool isn’t reached. The buy-ins with included rake run the gamut from $55 to $320.

The first and biggest Rake or Break tournament is being called the Rake or Break Main Event and will get underway at 6:00 p.m. GMT. The buy-in of $300 + $20 features a target prize pool of $100,000.

If the tournament attracts less than 334 entrants, players who buy-in will receive a $20 refund. Of course, the event could see a prize pool at or way above $100K depending on the number of entries. But the $100,000 prize pool isn’t guaranteed, as the only guarantee is that the rake will be refunded if the posted target falls short.

Thirty minutes later at 6:30 p.m. GMT is the $50 + $5 buy-in Rake or Break Monsoon. It’s the least expensive event of the three Rake or Break tournaments and comes with a target prize pool of $15,000. That means that if fewer than 300 players enter, all entrants will get a $5 refund.

The Rake or Break Challenge is the final event of the day in which players will play for a stated prize pool or receive their rake back. The tourney starts at 7:35 p.m. GMT and requires a buy-in of $100 + $9. The target is $25,000 and needs 250 entrants or $9 will land in the accounts of each participant.

Time Event Buy-in + Rake Target Entries Needed
6:00 p.m. Main Event $300 + $20 $100,000 334
6:30 p.m. Monsoon $50 + $5 $15,000 300
7:35 p.m. Challenge $100 + $9 $25,000 250

Rake or Break tournaments are a new way to provide added value to players. It’s the very astute players – both pros and recreational – who seek out and obtain whatever extra value might possibly be coming their way in terms of less rake or fees.

Players who have yet to try 888 Poker, but would perhaps like to grab some value in the Rake or Break tournaments, can do so by signing up and creating an account. A special 100% up to $600 Welcome Bonus is available to first-time depositors.

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